Give me good honest reasons why you will ..............

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  • Phizzy

    attend the Memorial this year.

  • talesin

    I won't, but it would be kinda funny to attend and 'partake' as they are passing the sacraments. :P


  • pbrow

    Im out. Young children still in with mother.

    I go and tell my kids.... Listen to what Jesus says in the bible about what we should do with the bread and wine. I tell them dont ever let anyone tell you to not do what Jesus has told you to do.

    They picked up on it very quick. Now its just reinforcement.


  • designs

    Fun having the crowd part like Moses crossing the Red Sea when you walk in.....priceless

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    For the same reason I attend every other meeting, wife and family.

    However, I hear the talk from a completely different perspective since finding JWN.


  • Xanthippe

    I was going to but the budgie has a migraine

  • wasblind

    The WTS is Satan in disguise , Don't think so ? think again. This is what Satan does

    I fool them out of everlasting life by abstaining from the blood

    of the christ

    I shun the cross on which he bled, and refuse to partake of

    the wine and the bread

    In my quest to destroy every man, I remain unwashed by the blood

    of the lamb

    I will not witness in his name, to think I could, would be insane

    By grace you think your saved through faith ?? you work for me

    I give nothin' free

    So work real hard fillin' your publishers card. Haven't you read

    without works faith is dead

    I am the enemy of the cross, Paul spoke of those who work

    for me in the book of Philippians chapter 3

    I transform myself into an angel of light, but the path that is

    taken is never bright, and what has been learned is never right

    I say I am hated because I am he, you never would guess

    it really is me , that lead you like sand washed away by the sea


  • wasblind

    double post

  • mouthy

    wasblind> you sure "aint"blind you see very well.Your right.

  • Pterist

    Good points WasBlind, consistant with 2 Corinthians 4: 4-7


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