Give me good honest reasons why you will ..............

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    why fuel their egos and let them feel superior that they have "continued to remain faithful" while i've "become weak" and "given up"? I'm far too busy to waste time on it - jeez - why give them a chance to judge?


  • zed is dead
    zed is dead

    If someone paid me a million dollars to go, maybe.


  • Phizzy

    Exactly MMX1V, and, to those who plan on going, exactly how is it helping your family who are JW's? it just helps them to remain entrenched and enmeshed, at least if some of you attenders had the courage to stay away you may then get a chance to discuss why with your loved ones.

    As a travesty of anything that should be celebrated by bible believing christians the JW memorial would be hard to beat, so it is easy to explain that you simply cannot stomach it. Go back with them to later meetings if you must, but make non-attendance at the Memorial a starting point for your,

    and hopefully,their ,exit.

    Go on, I dare you.

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog

    I've been thinking of going in order to partake. It would be a good way to share CHRIST'S gospel.

  • cobaltcupcake

    Can't go. Don't own a dress.

    Or - since I'm 1000 miles away from any JW who knows me, I could attend at the local KH wearing my jeans so they'll all think I'm just a harmless newly interested one.

    Then I'll pull out my worn deluxe NWT that has my name embossed on the cover, look up all the scriptures as fast as they do, partake of the emblems, and freak 'em all out. That might prove to be quite amusing for me.

  • pbrow

    phizzy.... going to the memorial or even a meeting or two is a powerful lesson if you have kids that still attend. Having your children actually SEE someone shun me, their father, who they love more than anyone, just trying to shake hands with someone has made my children very aware that something is wrong. Sitting next to them while the scripture where jesus says "take eat" and asking them right then and there why noone in the entire bldg is listening to jesus is a powerful message for them. Treat the meetings or memorial just like a christmas service or a regular church service. Dont prop it up to be something its not. Its a wierd quasi-semi-christian religion that has wierd rituals like EVERY OTHER RELIGION.

    Dont make it the forbidden fruit. That is how the dubs win. They will warp that into their persecution complex.

    Your making the meetings/memorial too important. Its just church!! nothing to be afraid of.


  • snare&racket

    Would not lose another minute for that dumb cult.....

    Passing blood and bone around each member under a full moon, nothing pagan in origin about that shit.....


  • tornapart

    Because I don't want elders knocking on my door asking me why I didn't. I will fade in my own way, at my own pace and I don't need to answer to anyone else the way in which I will do it.

    Sorry Phizzy, but I don't like questions like that from anyone. It sounds no different to me than for an elder asking me why I didn't go.

    Elder... "Give me good honest reasons why you didn't attend the memorial this year"

    Me... "Mind your own business"

  • pbrow

    If I didnt have kids then I agree with zed. I would go for a million dollars. Actually, i would go for $1000


  • watson

    I get to see the latest fashions from Ross, plus it makes the wife and family happy.

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