The "Pop-In"

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  • sir82

    May have been trying to catch you in the act of something unspeakable, like smoking a cigarette or watching a R-rated movie or sacrificing a child to Molech, something like that.

  • undercover

    A friend of mine, sorta... we were friends back when I was active, but he's an elder and hasn't totally given up on me. He is prone to the drop-in visits. Never called ahead, never made plans... just showed up. Saturday mornings (ah, the ole 'count-your-time-while-visiting ploy'), Sunday afternoons, Tuesday evening during dinner. At one particularly interrupting dinner time drop-in, he mentioned about getting together and 'studying' the bible together (code for: re-indoctrinate me). I agreed that it sounded like fun (I lied) and told him we would have to do that. My plan was to wait a couple of weeks and just show up at his house at his dinner time, with bible in hand ready to study. And when he protested that we shouldve planned ahead, I would throw his drop-in visits back at him. But I never did it. Re-runs of The Simpsons prevented me from getting up off the sofa.

    But, yea - it is a trait particular to JWs: to actually visit a person to make plans to ... visit a person

  • undercover

    The best advice I've ever heard on this board on how to handle "pop-ins" was to step outside to talk to who ever was so rude to pop over without calling first.

    That's what I do now. If they're 'pop-in's, I never invite them in. The last two that popped in, it was cold and rainy. I held the door open just enough to converse but make it clear that it wasn't open enough to let them in. They didn't stay long.

  • wasblind

    "Da bathrooms broke, we done gotta whopper log stuck down there" should put them off.________Phizzy

    Dang Phizzy !!!!!!

    You best bet somebody hollered help from the Lord when passin' that !!!!!

  • JWOP

    In my opinion I think the elders do pop-ins because it gives them the advantage: You are not prepared for anything.

  • Honeybucket

    I had an elder and his wife stop by our apartment one day. We werent home, so they went and knocked on every door in the complex asking people where we were. btw, this is when we were still active and not awake. So, someone in the complex had given them my cell number. We get a call from sister elder and she wanted to know where we were, they had taken the time to stop by our place to chat and they wanted to know how far away we were so we could drop whatever it was we were doing and come to our place right away for a chat. Well, considering these people have never called to set this up, we were not going to leave our beach picnic and drive the hour back home just so they can chat about something. They feel so entitled. They are were the kind of power elder couple that we all hate.

  • finally awake
    finally awake

    I personally don't mind at all when friends drop by unannounced on occasion. It would be a problem if it happened frequently at inconvenient times, like if someone made a habit of dropping by at 6am or every night during dinner. But - if you are brave enough to drop by unannounced, you better not complain about my uncombed hair, pajamas, and no bra even if it is the middle of the afternoon.

  • ShirleyW

    After I moved out my parents house my mother tried to be sneaky and set up a "pop-in" with one of the Pioneers in the Cong, since my bldg has a doorman they have to call up first, so she says "so-and so" is here, I said no, then again, "she said from the KH" even a louder no to the doorman

    THen she had one of the young sisters from the Hall (who NEVER SAID A WORD TO ME) call and sound all friendly then ask if she could be pick me up for the Sunday meeting, I said you've never called me before why are you calling now? She stumbled over something, like "well I know your mom and I've met you, yada yada yada . . .I said "why didn't you ever have a convo with me all the times I've seen you at the house? Bottom line she hung up the phone in shame and had to agree with me that she really had no interest in be my "friend ".

  • mrsjones5

    My mother did something similar to my brother. She sent some jws over to his house by telling them that my brother's wife was interested. The jws never made it over the threshold. My brother said one of the jws had the nerve to put their foot in the doorway to try and stop my brother from closing the door. His wife wasn't even home.

    My brother was never baptized and my SIL is in no way interested in talking to the jws.

  • perfect1

    I love this thread.

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