The "Pop-In"

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  • Mr. Falcon
    Mr. Falcon

    haha this is gold. i once remember a pop-in showed up when me and my friends were watching the NBA playoffs, sat down and FELL ASLEEP IN MY RECLINER.

    Who does this???????

  • eyesropen323

    Yes! i love this thread too! i coulda used some of these pointers for my pop in this past sunday! they sent an old sister and a 10 year old to the door. i invited them in. We said our hellos and then told them to have a good afternoon and showed the out in less then 5 min.

  • joyfulfader

    i have only had one pop in. they wanted to know when i was coming back. i was honest and said never. then i got the line "you KNOW this is the truth". i said i'm not too sure about that one. then i got the "you dont want u and your kids to die at armageddon do u?" I said i dont think we will. any god that would destroy billions of people is not a god i want to worship and if the people in the new world are as loving as the witnesses i have known then i would rather my family die than be stuck with them for eternity.

    i pushed the envelope to be sure but nothing else has come of it. plus i have the added benefit of not caring if something does.

  • joyfulfader

    i also have the benefit of most people being intimidated by me so no regular publisher will pop in. they know better lol

  • sd-7
    Who does this???????

    Maybe someday the elder on my JC who gave my wife that reclining chair will do this. He did say I wasn't allowed to sit in it...


  • undercover

    i also have the benefit of most people being intimidated by me so no regular publisher will pop in. they know better

    That is a benefit. I'm not overly intimidating, but I am known to defend myself when backed into a corner. One elder in particular found that out when he and another elder 'popped in' one day early in my exit. He was condescending, then pushy then insulting. And in my home. I jumped back in his shit and ended up kicking both of em out of the house. They never bothered me again. And when I do see them on rare occasion, they avoid me.

    The story spread and a lot of dubs are apprehensive around me. That or they never really liked me to begin with and now have an excuse to be standoffish... which works for me. Don't care to pretend to like them anymore either.

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    We had a family pop in on us before when I was watching TV at night on the couch in tee shirt & underwear. The front door was right there, and next thing you know the family is walking into my living room. I had a spread to cover me, and think they had no idea I was sitting there talking to them in my briefs.

  • joyfulfader

    i have also posted large no trespassing signs along with my neighbors. live way off the beaten path. i have also made ot known that unwanted visitors will be charged.

  • d

    That used to happen to us a lot when we left in 2008 and more so in 2009. The jw's would just come and try to kindly convience my family to come back. Today that happen's on very rare occasions.

  • mercedes_29

    My Mom lived on the outer edge of the territory so she as always getting "pop-in" visits for the restroom or a little time after coffee break. She was a study for many years and loved to talk so she could be counted on for a half hour-hour of time. One day at home, someone was making toast and left the toaster unattended. The darn thing caught fire and my mom opened the door and threw it out burnt toast and all. She screamed and swore at us then stopped abruptly. A car group pulled up and a local elder and ms came to the door. My brother and I were laughing hysterically as my mother talked to them on the front porch. They all ignored the scorched toast and the smoking toaster littering the front yard.

    They didn't stop by for a while. The next time they did my Dad was complaining that he didn't want anymore crockpot meals. My Mom (who can't really cook, but tries) took offense. She swore at my Dad and threw the crockpot full of roastbeef and potatoes out the front door. She nearly hit another elder and his wife who stopped by while out in service. They just stepped over the mess and spent 15 minutes talking about the fruit of the spirit.

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