The "Pop-In"

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  • Mr. Falcon
    Mr. Falcon
    Crazy the things that you take as normal after years of being told it is so.

    Amen to that. Ignorant behaviour that is frowned upon by normal people. And it's always the same people who mooch off of others, but never return any kind of hospitality. I swear this cult caters to freeloaders.

    Big Mama, that is hilarious. Those elders must really think you're stupid to pull that. next time, turn the hose on them.

  • Mr. Falcon
    Mr. Falcon
    Maybe someday the elder on my JC who gave my wife that reclining chair will do this. He did say I wasn't allowed to sit in it...


  • WatchtowerFree

    I told my elders they do not have permission to just drop in without calling .

    That put a end to that .

  • Glander

    I hadn't thought of this in many years.

    One evening in 1966 my wife and I are watching TV and our new baby girl was asleep in the bedroom. My wife had brought in a big armful of freshly done laundry which she put on the coffee table in front of the sofa to fold. This included her bras and our 'choneys', socks, diapers, etc.

    We lived in a tiny one bed room house so when the knock came on the door we had no place to hide. It was the congregation servant and the visiting circuit overseer in suits and ties. They came in and sat on the sofa in front of the pile of laundry. My wife excused herself to check on the baby, I left the TV on (man from UNCLE as I recall) The visit was a blur of embarassment that ended with me assuring them we would try to be more regular at the meetings.

    It was after they left that I felt the resentment for the lack of consideration they had shown.

  • A.M. Number 1
    A.M. Number 1

    I don't know why you wouldn't nail them for the fact that they came un-announced. I wonder if it is actually some policy that they do not call ahead. Is someone talking to them about you? Maybe they are fishing.

  • Joepublisher1

    My obervation has been that some people in this religion love to TAKE ADVANTAGE of their fellow brothers and sisters - esp. the meek ones who tend not to speak up. You know the type of bro. and sis. I'm talking about; they're BOLD - many times they are pios because of this BOLDNESS. I actually got a call from someone from my old hall in another state. They called to TELL ME when they would be stopping by [with their friend] during their vacation. I never invited this person and really didn't know them all that well to begin with. I thought to myself, 'boy, how bold is that!... to call someone in another state to let them know that they'll be staying over your place on certain dates'. I'm really not sure what drives this behavior of some bros. and sisters., but I always considered it extremely rude! Needless to say, I didn't agree to this boldness, considering it to be rude and presumptous behaivor.

  • FlyingHighNow

    The department of human services does pop ins. Think about the corelation.

  • skeeter1

    JWs are pushy people. Ask your worldly friends.

  • A.M. Number 1
    A.M. Number 1

    I have never received a pop in of any sort. Well, when I was a kid and my family was being mined for future prospects and such. I remember an elder named Doug Ree$e would show up at weird times when the kids were all alone. He would comment on the music we were listening to. It always seemed like he was out in service. My mom suffered a lot of embarrassment during those years. But as an individual grown up, so far since I have been out, in 2002, I have never received any kind of visit. I am kind of jealous. All those years of pioneering and Bethel and to just get dropped so fast and never even looked in on, it is amazing actually. I think if I had a wife and kids to be mined then someone might have cared to try and "save at least the kids." But it is pretty clear that I can never be used again, a lame mule so to speak, it is hardly worth the effort to waste time on me. And they always seem to get my address pretty quickly once I move.

  • A.M. Number 1
    A.M. Number 1

    Also, man I am really self conscious all of a sudden. Not just for doing drop ins as a JW, and as a Bethelite God I was every bit as disgusting as all these examples, but even now I realize how much I still do it as a non JW! A friend I used to live in a while back asked me to please call before I come over and it just never had occurred to me. We used to live together so I just figured we still did I guess. I am going to have to do some internal checking to make sure I stop doing this. Of course, I never have to worry about people doing it to me because noone ever wants to come over. Oh yeah, I just remember going over the house of a girlfriend not too long ago and it just seemed like 9pm was "not that late" but I had a song I wanted to play her that I had just written. I assumed she would be as excited about it as I was. She wasn't. And I think she might have had company at the time if you know what I mean. I haven't heard from her in a long time.

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