Are you DF'd? Share the weirdness, I'll start.....

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  • trujw

    To make it short I went and told them off I mean you are false prophet type stuff. They said I needed to leave the room while they talked and I listened at the door once they said they were going to DF me I oppened the door and gave them a note that I DA'ed myself felt so great. You should have seen their faces as I was smilling while I did it. Sad thing is they called my wife to a meeting by certified letter even though she had nothing to do with my meeting. Well I then filed Restraining order against the elders. So let's just say I think I made an impression on them.

  • joyfulfader

    the brother i was dating (and physically involved with) was asked by his commitee to critique certain...ahem...skills i possess. in detail. i was beyond horrified and grossed out.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman


    Listening at the door when they decided to DF you, then you "checkmated" their move, by opening the door, and surprising them with a DA letter. Priceless!

    I am glad you wrote something for us to laugh about.

    Everybody else's stories, makes me want to throw up.

    Just Lois

  • Nice_Dream

    I wasn't DF'd, but I did divulge embarrassing details to an elder. Once I was involved in "inappropriate touching" and the elder asked if I touched the guy's Johnson. Then he asked how long was the touching, if it was over or under the pants, and if the guy's pants were still on or completely off. :S It was so mortifying.

    Another young sister in my Hall had a wordly boyfriend, and the elders asked her how many times she had sex, and if she had an orgasm! WTF?

  • joyfulfader

    how in the hell does God care about whether or not it was good???? Sick, twisted, sex-starved men getting their jollies.

  • krejames

    I also wasn't disfellowshipped and I'm mortified at the detail I went into in the five JCs I had. To be fair, they didn't actually ask for all the detail I gave but for some reason I thought I was obliged to divulge it all. Having said, that I do remember one of the elders asking me on one occasion whether I and the other person involved had climaxed! I mean what difference does that make?! lol

  • Bobcat

    All they needed to know was you did it and you weren't sorry, could've taken ten minutes.

    Funny how when it is apostasy they don't want to know any of the details.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    So it reads like some of our "Elders" who we "think" might be sleezy, if you have a JC meeting with them, you find out for sure, that they are.

    This is upsetting, gross and plain wrong!

    In the Elders Secret Hand book, 2010 version, it says something like, "If you feel Jehovah is blessing your efforts, and nobody knows your secret sin, then arise

    and shine, you are one fine example of how this Boys Club Works!" And, you get to stay an Elder in good standing! Yay for us!

    Those Governing Body Members, Fellas,

    really know how to protect their/our butts!

    I have a problem when they state, "If no one knows", meaning ...wink, wink, hey! You got away with it!, and also,

    if Jah is such a loving God, and he has forgiven you, what the heck do we need the elders for?

    The Perverts like to hear juicy details:

    1. Get Off on it. Disgusting!

    2. They are nosy, because they are so dysfuncical, they do not know what good manners are? Because they are Perverts and

    3. Enjoy victimizing people.

    4. It is a JW sanctioned way to control, manipulate and degrade someone.

    5. They like to go home and tell their wife and buddies, "Hey, wanna know the latest"?

    6. When they are with other elders, they don't want to get talked about, so they talk about You, and laugh their heads off.

    7. They can let little things slip, from these so called, "private meetings", to their MS friends, so they feel superior and the MS drone thinks, Hey if I make it to

    elder, I can hear this stuff first-hand!

    8. These are little minded, micro-penis thinking uneducated, wanna be's, who can't make it in the "Real World", so enjoy their so called statis, to literally "Lord

    it over the Flock".

    Sadistic and Disgusting organization, that have men (?) like this, as their leaders.

    Just Lois

  • trujw

    Thanks Lois What was nice is when they finally came for me I was mentally totally out Read COC, ISCF and David Reeds books Etc etc. I know many here use the slow fade but it wasn't for me not that there is anything is wrong with that to quote Seinfeld. I felt back then and still do this is not only an evil cult that breaks up families my included also they murder children with their no blood policy and I feel that I had and have a duty to call them to account. If somehow we all here as a collective save one family or life I sleep much better at night.

  • MrFreeze

    Bobcat, that is a great point. Bunch of sickos.

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