Are you DF'd? Share the weirdness, I'll start.....

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  • konceptual99

    Hey nugget,

    The whole issue of how elders may use private Internet communications really interests me as I suspect that people's curiosity and desire to find evidence leads them to do things that are actually illegal.

    Who hacked your Facebook? Was that a deliberate act by the elders or did you accidentally do something like let a "friend" use your PC without first having logged out? How were they cyber stalking you?

    I know you are in UK and we do have pretty robust computer misuse legislation. I have a strong suspicion that some of the tactics employed by individuals certainly would fall foul of these.

  • WTWizard

    I am inactive at present. And, due to the wall joke-hova placed between me and the opposite sex (and then cutting me off from connecting with Satan so Satan and Astaroth could fix this problem), they are getting no details about a sexual encounter. If they do try and disfellowship me, instead I will show up with a Ouija board and an Eye of Horus amulet and give them details about performing a Satanic ritual. I don't think they will find that anywhere near as entertaining.

    Not to mention, I might induce them to use black magick against themselves and not even be aware of it. The energy behind their Satan phobia can be put to good use. They program that energy themselves, worrying about the Disaster it will have within the congregation. They believe this energy is causing strife and dissention within the congregation, they affirm it, they program the energy, and before long they have meeting attendance in the single numbers. And no singing at all. (And that's if they have electricity--between power cuts and not being able to pay their light bill, they are as good as having already lost their electricity.) And joke-hova isn't going to do diddly about it.

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