Are you DF'd? Share the weirdness, I'll start.....

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  • Pickler

    Im still figuring out how to use this wesite, but rudered, its not a foolish question at all.

    I still dont really understand why I did it this way, but I think it was a combination of the black/white in/out thinking of the JWs combined with the immaturity of someone in their teens/20s.

    I was really unhappy as a witness, but I still thought it was the truth, therefore not being a witness was my failure. I figured out this course of action as the only one available to me, but if I had had anyone to talk to i may have done things differently.

    I had never heard of someone who just didnt believe, growing up you never do. Anyone who left, or was kicked out, you always heard dodgy stories whispered about them later...... I remember hearing that those who left were "worse"than wordly people.

    I was quite self destructive for years after this, probably fulfilling everything witnesses think about DF'd ones.

    Now with maturity I see how young I was, uneducated and isolated from any thought processes except witness defined ones...I literally did not know how to think.

    They would sure get a different response from me now, and i just love hearing how some of you used the hearing as a chance to express yourselves.

  • Pickler

    FLIPPER, DAZED & everyone else......I'm reading your stories......trying to process it, but it is insane, what we went through!

    THIS is what it means to be in a CULT, this is misuse of power and wrecking peoples lives.

  • Pickler

    a note to truJW...... you are now my JW hero, you are making me laugh so hard

  • Pickler

    another note to you truJW, im still laughing.........if there was a prize for "best DF/DA" you'd win

  • l p
    l p

    Do the elders get erections from hearing details?

    can anyone verify this?


  • trujw

    Thanks Pick I can finally laugh now too but at the time well I was fired by my JW employer and lost every friend I ever knew my whole life. I guess all I have is humor for that time in my life now and the peace that what I did was the right thing to do but yes the elders were hillarious LOL. Me not giving them power really blew their minds.. It really is funny but at the same time so tragic.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Funny how when it is apostasy they don't want to know any of the details.



  • ruderedhead

    Thank you, dazed, Tater & pickler for answering my question. Some of these stories are unbelievable!!! Freakish. And trujw's is just too funny!! We need a like button!

  • etna

    I left after my daughter got disfellowshipped and they told her she might have to move out. My wife left me and I was on my own for about a year and got close to a family friend who has always had trouble with her husband. She hadn't been and was inactive and left her hisband and we hooked up. The elders went after her(not me as they would've copped it) and disfellowshiped her. She got reinstated, for her kids as she was shunned. After she got reinstated, I rang the pompous elder that went after her and gave hima gobful. His son had been caught visiting prostitutes and when eventually found out got porivately reproved. I let him have it. I hate this CULT.........................


  • Aunt Fancy
    Aunt Fancy

    I have never been in a committee meeting but one of my closest friends her teenage daughter was. The questions that poor girl was asked were disgusting. They wanted to know what room they did it in, how long and on and on! She was so distraught for a long time over this. One good thing came out of it and it woke my husband and I up!! If I could I would have kicked him in the private parts and told him off. To me that was sexually abuse and she was so depressed and felt so worthless.. I told one of the brothers it was handled inappropriately but he didn't see where anything was done wrong. I will never go into a meeting with any of those men. We are fading but realize we may have to DA ourselves to just have some peace of mind, my husband was an elder and he said he never asked questions like that nor did underhanded things like that. It is a crime!!

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