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  • insearchoftruth4

    If you still go, give em monopoly money

  • ÁrbolesdeArabia

    label licker: Everyone is told to be like Paul, Aquilas and Priscilla who used their own two hands to pay to preach. The hinting by the COs or DOs asking "if anyone knew someone with a "time share rental" was offensive. The real humble pioneers never wanted to accept any help even when they were desperate from bad luck. The strangest couple I knew would tell people, when you contribute by helping the Pioneers, it's the same as you pioneering in Jehovah's eyes! A con artist couple they turned out to be, they were into couple's sex.

    You want to read about the real missionaries, read the following book. Compare them to what you read about the Watchtower Missionaries who allowed Nancy Yuen to preach, while the Watchtower Company men were hiding behind closed doors. I must warn you, this book made me cry so readers beware!

    City of Tranquil Light

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    It always intrigued me, but never bothered me when these type of letters were read out. So suckered i guess that the warning bells had padding on them i guess.

    But I always knew that the elders would do exactly as per the letter, add up the numbers and make a resolution to the congregation who would of course ALL raise their hands in support.

    The WT masters have long known that all they have to do is ask and they SHALL receive. Nobody dares to not obey. It is one giant cash cow. The WT just passes on every itty bitty cost back to the single publisher just like any other business.

    I mean, how are they going to stay comfortable if they have to pay for it themselves?


  • WTWizard

    They aren't getting anything out of me--no matter what. Except bad luck, that is. And if joke-hova really needed my money for 2014, why didn't that Almighty Lowlife Scumbag think about that before severing my chances with the opposite sex just as I was ready? I needed the opposite sex then, but because of joke-hova I never got that. So joke-hova isn't getting anything out of me.

    Instead, I intend to use my money for whatever I feel like. Much of it was spent changing my light bulbs to LED's during 2012. I also spent quite a bit during 2010-2012 on flashlights, batteries (the NiMH variety, including low self-discharge), lanterns, and chargers. I also placed a sizable amount into silver, which is how I "dispose" of "excess" funds waiting to become toilet paper. And of course, I spend quite a bit on Christmas lights--once I have a nice stash of those, I ought to find myself with more "excess" funds to spend on silver to protect me from hyperinflation.

    So there, joke-hova!

  • Scott77

    Hi ÁrbolesdeArabia,

    "The City of Tranquil Light"a Novel is that a real life story or fiction? Is there any connection with JWs?


  • Scott77

    Scott, are those JWs or Mormons with the badges?


    No, they are not JW missionaries. I googled up that photo for dramatic effect on the OP. Barrold Bonds is right. they are way too young. They are Mormons.


  • mouthy

    Well I am just writing out my will. Watchtower!!!! Your getting it ALL
    All you have to do to get it is take my coffin with me in it ,So may Daughter Annmarie
    Can see what I looked like in death, cos she must have forgotten what I looked like alive
    Because she obeyed you & didnt bother with me any more once you gave me the boot...

    Because I didnt see Jesus invisably in 1914

  • gone for good
    gone for good

    Arboles -

    Congregation Camps - - tee hee hee!

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    So from what was announced at our meeting, it's .15 per publisher from now until May 2014 - about 14 months. That comes to somewhere around $14 million.

    Really? $14M in plane tickets? This isn't covered by the $173 million or so they say they spend on missionaries and travelling overseers?

    My thoughts: I've got a feeling they're coming out with a WHOPPER of new light in 2014, and the presence of missionaries to make the DC "special" will be kind of a feelgood misdirect.


    So all JW publishers worldwide at 15 cents for 14 months, comes to 14 million dollars? Will they get more than 14 million? If the rank and file increase their donations personally, and the Elders pass a resolution to donate a specific amount, then the WTBT$ could get more than 14 million. Am I missing anything here? 14 million for how many missionaries??!! What does it cost these days to fly 1st class and then stay at someone's house for free and eat their food?! Snare and a Racket!!!!!

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