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    Has anyone else recieved the letter from the GB about international conventions in 2014? According to the letter the Missionarys/order of full time servants desperately need to get to the conventions in their homeland. So to accomplish this, Jehovah needs 15 cents per publisher, per congregation for some months ( sorry I can't remember the exact length of time ). In addition to this suggested voluntary donation it was stated that that the Elders would be meeting and determining how much the KH could contribute.

    We know that the Congregation will approve whatever amount they come up with. So in addition to reminding the friends to increase thier donations, another donation will be sent ( just in case no one donates because of the goading?). So the WTBTS with all it's money cannot send a few missionaries to a Convention that is already paid for before anyone arrives to contribute more money? There was also a reminder in the letter of how inappropriate it would be to solicit funds from members of the congregation to donate to a family member or friend who is a missionary. The letter from the WTBTS is doing just that, begging for money!!

  • donny

    Well let me take out my wallet and send them something!

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    Yes, the letter was read yesterday. They also said if there's an overage it will be uses for the world wide work. I dont recall a length of time mentioned for the collection.


    I have been conducting an experiment. As the family head, I have taken a hands on approach to contributions. It is as follows:

    1) Excitedly remind the family that we need to contribute before any given meeting.

    2) Take all cash and say that I will handle it.

    3) Keep the money for when my family needs it.

    So far I have a pretty good roll of cash that just keeps growing! I strongly recommend this to awakened family heads. Also if you are the wife, and your handle the bills, stop contributing. Jehovah does not need your money. Use it to help others buy food or anything they need. Do not give them cash because like a junkie they will put it in the contribution box. Keeping your money is an excellent way to fight against the corruption in the WTBTS. Please do it. You will feel incredible and empowered as you start taking control.

  • Ding

    Maybe they will get "new light" and start passing collection plates.


    I would be shocked if they did. I think they will resort to more covert methods. I think even the most indoctrinated sheeple would have a WTH moment if they started passing a plate. As someone on this forum once said " Christendom passes a plate, the WTBTS makes JW's walk past contribution boxes. It' the same in the end."

    Wouldn't it be crazy if they got a card-swiper/ATM in the congregations? I would need to alter my plan. I believe the day is coming when the GB will come up with a way to separate the loyal from those who know TTATT. Perhaps signing a document or some way of tracking who donates how much. Something that you cannot sneak around.

  • Pterist

    Is tithing a potential "new lite" ?

  • Phizzy

    When my "tipping point" came and I stopped going in F.S, the first thing I did was stop our contribution which was on a monthly Direct debit. I did not tell Mrs Phizzy I had done that, though more than likely even at that time she would have approved.

    I never gave 'em another penny, though it was some months before I actually left.

    This begging for money will get worse, they cannot have anything like the cash flow they used to have, lots of Law suits are looming, and property cash can only be spent once.

    A "tythe" by another name will be Noo Lite before too long, that may well rattle a few cages.

  • hoser

    They are not short of money. At least not in Canada. They have about 90 million in the bank and investments. use some of that to bring home the missionaries, Watchtower!


  • moshe

    Missionarys/order of full time servants desperately need to get to the conventions in their homeland.

    fine print for these fulltime servant tickets -- ( your help is needed at home now, this is a one-way ticket, bro)

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