Anonymous v. Silentlambs... things are starting to get ugly

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  • purplesofa
  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    Kathleen Conti has thanked many for their support of her and her daughter. Did anyone see her thank Silent Lambs or Bill Bowen anywhere?

  • Refriedtruth

    Bill Bowen isn't perfect

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend until gross wrongdoing is proven

    He is on the Victims side I investigated his alleged non profit revocation,and evidence at the time was that this was a smear.

  • hamsterbait

    I bet the WTBTS is behind this "Anonymous".

    They cant openly oppose him because they have thier own axe to grind - their motives would be obvious.

    Having followed Bowens and Barb Andersons effort for years, I would trust them rather than a coward who will not reveal their identity.


  • Chaserious

    I bet the WTBTS is behind this "Anonymous".

    No way. You do realize this is the organization "Anonymous" and not an "anonymous" allegation, don't you? In the same post where they are critical of Silent Lambs, they also post some documents casting the WTS in a bad light, including some from the Menlo Park lawsuits, along with a bit of critical commentary.

  • rebel8


    A lot of nonprofits do not know about the 990 and get their status revoked, especially those w/o paid employees. IRS doesn't remind you and it's one of those "fine print" things volunteers forget about 3 years later in the midst of living their lives and advocating for their cause. It does not indicate wrongdoing. A charity can legally be nonprofit without IRS 501c3 status.

    What is the evidence that Bowen violated the law in relation to his marriage? The evidence they posted said she was 18. Even if this document means they got married earlier, she is 1 year younger than him, not 6+ as Anonymous apparently claims.

    Anyone raising allegations of criminal behavior ought to back them up with proof or not say them at all. It's just bullying otherwise--lowlife behavior.

  • konceptual99

    Is there a way of seeing threads with Jehovah' URLs? I see the linked thread in her e has some links to older threads that I was interested in reading. Are they mapped onto the .net URL at all?

  • snare&racket

    This is genuine, it is nearly a year old and it is not from Watchtower.

    I posted here at when i received a tip off from a JW that anonymous had bethelite info and email addresses from the uk, mine being one of them. I asked if anyone had a clue about any of it? A few people CLAIMED to have anonymous contacts and said it was BS, then JW Facts posted a link to an anonymous file dump with all the info in it. As well as my email addy, many of my old friends email addys etc, there was this info on Bill Bowen.

    Despite my email address if typed into google now coming up with 'operation pedo chat' (thanks a lot anonymous), i believe their motives to be good, if their ethics and aim are a little off. I have to admit, they make a good point, the first person we should contact is the police, the lawyers, not an ex JW with a website. However I am sure he is helpful in these cases. But the abused need professional help, medical, emotional, legal.

    I would be shocked to hear that Bill was nothing but a guy trying to do good. But not knowing him from Adam, what do we know?

  • blondie

    BTW, Bill has been married twice. Which one was under 18. You can marry if you are under 18, depends on the state in the US. Some can with parental permission.

    I worked with Bill in the early days of Silentlambs. I never saw any evil intent and he did help quite a few people and still does what he can. The enemy is the WTS and it is best to direct your energies towards that organization.

    added: I don't think we have to worry about Anonymous and Bill throwing dirt on the situation...seems like others are continuing the ugliness themselves.

  • mouthy

    I picketed with Bill many years ago. I found him honest. Really wanted to help folks escape the cult.

    I let MY GOD Judge him .I am not in the judges seat

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