Anonymous v. Silentlambs... things are starting to get ugly

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    What are they fighting about, Cedars?

  • cedars


    What are they fighting about, Cedars?

    In the 700 MB of data released by Anonymous there is extensive information on Bill Bowen that casts a critical eye on his activity.

    Here is the link to this info...

    I have posted Bill's response to these allegations, so I suppose there is no reason why I can't put across Anonymous' POV.

    They say (in part)...

    William H. Bowen and Silent Lambs Inc.

    Much concern has been raised over the trustworthiness, motivations and allegiances of William H.
    Bowen, a self-­-proclaimed expert on child abuse issues within the Watchtower organization.
    On the surface, Bowen claims to be an advocate and support to victims. He established a non-­-profit
    organization in 2001 called Silent Lambs Inc. that has become a very prominent resource over the
    years. In fact, the organization has been highly publicized and Bowen has been the spokesperson and
    been interviewed by the media many times over the years.

    Recently, a young lady by the name of Candace Conti fought and won a huge legal battle against the
    Watchtower and was awarded 28 million dollars. This was a first, since all past child abuse cases
    against the Watchtower were subject to gag orders. Even though Bowen and Silent Lambs were not a
    big part of the case, Bowen claimed this landmark verdict as a 'Silent Lambs victory'. Bowen's
    testimony was not needed on the case and this was clearly an attempt to divert credit to himself.
    This raised questions and concerns for many and Bowen was questioned about his claim. His
    dishonesty and arrogance set off red flags for a small group of individuals and since then an internal
    investigation (amongst former Jehovah's Witnesses and their supporters) has been underway.
    Many glaring issues have come up during this investigation. Some of these include:

    • Bowen's continued claims that Silent Lambs was a non profit when in actuality that status was
    revoked many years ago
    • Bowen's efforts to keep himself personally in the spotlight and to direct victims to him rather
    than to the legal authorities or to the lawyers who won the above mentioned case
    • Bowen's false claims made to the media about Silent Lambs winning the above mentioned
    • Bowen's negative attitude towards abuse victims that have come to him for help, as reflected
    in private conversations
    • A statement on the Silent Lambs website saying that active Jehovah's Witnesses serve on the
    Board of Directors
    • Evidence that Bill Bowen married an underage girl when he was 23 and yet, went on to
    incriminate other individuals simply because the laws were different in other States
    • Many lies, false statements and clear contradictions made by Bill Bowen
    • Bowen's claim to having 5000 reported cases of child abuse that have NOT been turned over
    to the authorities
    • Bowen's involvement in law suits that ALL involved gag orders
    • Bowen's claim to have insiders working at Bethel who feed him information
    • His knowledge of the pedophile database at Watchtower HQ
    • His refusal to assist in efforts to access and expose the pedophile database
    • Bowen's inappropriate and direct personal contact with victims despite having no professional
    • Bowen's comments about all victims only being greedy and after money
    • Bowen's family birth records are inaccessible and much of their history seems to have been
    • Bowen's claim that Silent Lambs is not anti-­-Watchtower

    Silent Lambs and Non Profit Status:

    This was the FALSE statement that Bill Bowen had on the Silent Lambs website for years, despite
    repeated requests that he clarify that it was no longer a non profit organization:

    Silentlambs, inc. is now a 501(C)(3) non-­-profit corporation and your donation to support our work can
    now be tax-­-deductible. Monies donated will be used exclusively for the benefit of victim assistance and
    making known this issue to force Watchtower to change its misguided policy. You may use a credit
    card, money order or Pay-­-Pal.

    This is from GuideStar website which shows different non profit organizations and their legal status:
    Read Reviews | Write a Review
    Category: I99 (Crime, Legal Related N.E.C.)

    EXEMPT STATUS REVOKED ( This organization's exempt status was automatically revoked by the IRS
    for failure to file a Form 990, 990-­-EZ, 990-­-N, or 990-­-PF for 3 consecutive years. Further investigation
    and due diligence is warranted.


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    I don't know much of anything about SilentLambs - but I instinctively do not trust Anonymous any further than I could throw them.

  • jookbeard

    sounds like the sort of apologist that would print a 20 odd page blog denying or giving excuses for the WTS's UN membership.



    Check your PM`s..

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  • cedars

    Thanks OUTLAW, I've replied!


  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I've seen Bowen's name on this forum and visited the Silent Lambs website once.

    Bowen has a name. Anonymous does not. There is nothing listed that would preclude the use of a name.

    I know from my political work that any org. that knows of a favorable ruling would hail it is a win. They do not mean that they are a party and won. The statement means that the cause they work for has advanced b/c of a court ruling. Conti's case is not accurately reported by Anonymous. Conti has won a jury verdict. The appeals process remains. Her claim is different from most sexual abuse claims.

    It would be nice if rather than fighting, groups could work together.

    Anonymous could be one person.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    No lawyer would shake hands. If there is an agreemetn, it should be written. Lawyers are responsible to their client, never another org. I see major flaws in both sides presentations concerning Conti.

    A letter on Rick Simmons letterhead would go far to bolster Silent Lamb's claim.

    There are major professional ethics questions concerning Bowen's claim.

  • EntirelyPossible

    So...two groups are in a pissing match no one else cares about? Temptest in a teacup, anyone?

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