A Message to Active Elders Lurking on JWN

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  • 00DAD

    joyfulfader: out of curiosity, how can one be outed by this forum?

    Good question. It's happedned though as many have commented. Even on this thread. Maybe we've posted a few too many details and someone so inclined comes here looking, puts the pieces together.

    I agree you could deny it. But apparently even that doesn't always work. Those types of elders are cowards and hypocrites, but they can also be ruthless bastards when they're on a crusade.

    joyfulfader: i am all about theocratic warfare in reverse.

    Amen to that! They invented it, we perfected it!!!

    Phizzy, you seem to be familiar with the interrogation techniques of the BOE. I hope you haven't had to deal with them.

    Good advice to newbie faders: be careful what you post, avoid any personal details!

    MsD, thanks, glad you approve!

    wasblind, love your sense of humor girl! You know you're my favorite one!!!

    kurtbethel, you raise a good point about the "two witness" rule. Probably if one elder printed out some posts and the other elders read it then they'd have three witnesses on the Judicial Committee. But then, as you pointed out, you could turn it on them and point out that they are all reading "apostate" writing!

    This just made me think, if a person doesn't confess, then a JC needs at least two witnesses. The elders on the JC cannot also be the witnesses. So they'd have to form a new JC using the previous elders as witnesses. The "accused" could continue to deny, deny, deny and hammer home the point that the other elders are all guilty of reading "apostate literature."

    Theocratic Warfare, just as joyfulfader recommended.

    bigmac, great point, men gotta' man-up or hand 'em over!

    whathappened, I'm glad you're not a lurking elder too! ... lol

  • mamochan13

    The elders on the JC cannot also be the witnesses

    OOdad - not sure why you say that. On my JC two of the elders were the ones who sat in front of my house and looked in my windows. They told me they were the two witnesses right from the start.

  • 00DAD

    mamochan13, well they're not supposed to do that, but as I think we all know by now, the elders don't always follow their own rules.

    Did you deny any wrong doing? According to their own not-always-consistent-rulebook, an elder cannot be both a judge AND a witness in a Judicial Hearing. They may be witnesses to something and confront an individual. If he confesses, then it's a moot point because they no longer need witnesses. It's only if a person denies wrongdoing that a JC needs witnesses. In that case, then in theory the elders that are witnesses would have to be recused from the JC and a new one formed.

    All of that being said, I'll repeat: the elders don't always follow their own rules.

    Sometimes they just make it up as they go along.


    PS - I would like to add a personal note: It is completely reprehensible that anyone, let alone men claiming to be Christians, would camp out in front of your house and look in your windows invading your privacy. That is shameful behavior, completely inexcusable. Sadly, it has happened many times to many people.

    You'll never get an apology from them, but I'm sorry it happened to you.

  • 00DAD

    Here is a partial quote from the Shepherd the Flock of God book regarding the issue of whether elders that are "witnesses" to alleged wrongdoing could also serve on the judiciall committee:

    If the matter proceeds to step three, any elders who were witnesses in step two could serve only as witnesses in step three. They would not be used to serve on the judicial committee in step three. - STFOG, p. 68, para. 24

    The context of this particular quote is concerning allegations of fraud or slander. The previous paragraph concluded:

    The congregation would not consider forming a judicial committee unless the offended Christian had taken steps one and two of Matthew18:15, 16 and had initiated step three of Matthew 18:17. - (ibid)

  • Balaamsass
  • 00DAD

    Bumpin' it for the Sunday set

  • problemaddict

    Is it odd that I just find it so hard to believe that random elders come here to seek out people in their congregations on a whim? I mean, I don't think most elders even know of this place. I don't believe its ever been mentioned in BOE letters.

    In order for someone to be here and "out" someone, they would have to have been given a heads up from someone.

  • 00DAD

    problemaddict: In order for someone to be here and "out" someone, they would have to have been given a heads up from someone.

    That makes sense. Apparently from what I've been able to gather from the comments of some here that have been outed, a JWN member or lurker that wanted to get in the good graces of the local BOE felt that if they threw someone under the bus it would help their cause.

    On the other hand, some have reported that the elders had print outs of JWN posts. How they came to know about it is a mystery. Maybe the elders came here on there own looking for someone or they got the word from another person. Either way, it's a dirty little business.

  • Apognophos

    Elders often have wives too ;) Sometimes the wife is a little birdy on their shoulder.

  • 00DAD

    Apognophos: Elders often have wives too ;) Sometimes the wife is a little birdy on their shoulder.

    Or the neck that turns the head!


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