A Message to Active Elders Lurking on JWN

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  • problemaddict

    Do we know of anyone here actually being caught by company members trolling their every post trying to figure out who they are?

  • BlindersOff1

    Oh yes I've read posts of people who have been outed here . One needs to have some caution .

    I think its rare though .

  • notjustyet


    I hope you didn't mind me throwing that in there, your post inspired me!

    I enjoyed your original post as it is a legitimate question. Maybe playing like they are doing their work looking for lost sheep is their way of dealing with the dissonance. Possibly?

    I wonder if they have any special provision from the top of the pyramid to do this? I would find that hard to believe as they are already having issues keeping the ones they have now.

    Anyway, hope I did not step on any toes,..


  • betterdaze

    Bravo, 00DAD!

    I can't speak for others on JWN, but I'd like to point out to lurking elders that I have no qualms with any individual Witnesses or congregations. Most whom I've known for 40+ years (since pre-1975) are sincere worshippers who are stuck on a hamster wheel of rehashed meetings and unproductive field service, just trying in their heart-of-hearts to avoid displeasing Jehovah. Waiting patiently for an Armageddon that's yet to arrive just one year scant of 2014, some have passed away faithful in the interim.

    I was raised in "The Truth", never baptized, never disfellowshipped. I choose to ignore your "authority" as elders. It has no bearing on my life whatsoever. However I do have family still mentally/emotionally trapped in the Watchtower's web of deceit, as I once was too. And they live on your every word spoken from the platform, every ounce of counsel given personally to deal with hardships and "endure to the end."

    For that, I most certainly DO hold you accountable as chosen representatives of the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society. (Read Isaiah 32:2)

    It is the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society's teachings that have splintered otherwise loving and intact families, curtailed rewarding lives and careers, denied proper education, dishonored females, and destroyed children's precious innocence. It is the WTBTS that has replaced Jesus with needless fear and endless demands for veneration of themselves, the "Slave," the "organization."

    And as someone who has accepted a leadership position within the WTBTS, you bear legal responsibility for these crimes before mankind, and an even more so, before your creator. Yes, YOU.

    No different than if you were a manager employed by a "worldly" company whose owners knowingly sell spoiled food, or market dangerous, life-threatening products to an unsuspecting public.

    When you discover you've worked for "Corporation Evil" all along — through no fault of your own

    Does your Bible-trained conscience kick in? Does it allow you to stay on the job?

    Or do you thoroughly research the issues involved like a Berean at Acts 17:11 and resign your duties with integrity before both God and humanity?

    I am not asking you to leave the only family and friends you have ever known. I am asking you to do some research, or "due diligence" as we say in the business world, about the publishing company you volunteer for. I simply suggest that you step down if the results are not in alignment with your Bible-trained conscience.

    Thanks for reading this far. So many vital topics to consider (and a few you may have never even heard about) are thoroughly covered at jwfacts.com.

  • perfect1

    This kinda rubs me the wrong way, but I cant put my finger on why, exactly:

    Go do the decent thing. Leave this place and never return. Go back to your congregation and turn yourself in to your fellow elders. Let them know that you’ve been spending time on “apostate” websites and that you no longer qualify to be an elder in the congregation. You’re ashamed of your conduct and you’re ashamed of yourself. Repent and perhaps you will find “seasons of refreshing” from Jehovah, (Acts 3:19). –w12 11/15 pp. 21-25

    But you probably won’t do that, because that would take courage. It would also take honesty and integrity and you have none of those things.

  • Splash

    The first feelings are of hatred for all the apostate lies.

    Then its anger at the way the WT quotes are being misrepresented.

    Then its a disbelief and confusion when certain things are proven true.

    Then its disgust for the lies you realise you've been fed all your life.

    Then it's addiction to keep coming back to see what else is being exposed every day!


  • 00DAD

    sd-7, That's a powerful point about the blood issue. I appreciate how you reasoned on the truth of the matter: The WT Leadership says we have problems when we ignore them, but in reality it is when we listen to them we have problems, sometimes life threatening ones.

    wannabefree, thanks for emphasizing the positive side of this thread, The Good Reason for an elder to be here.

    BlindersOff1, thanks for addresing problemaddict's question and concerns.

    notjustyet, no you didn't step on my toes. In fact, I appreciated what you added to the discussion! As far as I can tell, the WT Leadership has not encouraged elders to play policemen and try and trap people here or anywhere else. But some elders really get off on it. I heard of an elder that went to a strip-bar "allegedly" to confirm a rumor that a sister was working there. I can't see the WTBTS officially endorsing such behavior.

    betterdaze, thanks! Your addition to the thread is powerful, great stuff. Thanks too for including the link to jwfacts.com.

    perfect1, sorry that rubs you the wrong way. Have you figured out why? You do understand that was written in sharp contrast to elders that may legitimately be here seeking answers to their questions. This was meant to up the cognitive dissonance in self-righteous elders that are trying to out people that only want freedom. The fact is, that if an elder is here trying to catch someone, then that elder is also in violation of WT Rules and Regulations and is a complete hypocrite for being here.

    Sometimes strong language is needed to make a strong point. Elders are often seemingly "strong for Jehovah," but weak when it comes to admitting their own mistakes. I've been on the receiving end of that too many times to recount. Keep in mind that the elder I am writing too is specifically here trying to find dirt on someone so they can "turn-in" that someone into the congregation. But will they "turn themselves in"? They're guilty of the same "crime" by being here.

    Talk to me.

    Splash, yes, great observation. It's a process much like the grieving process.

  • cantleave

    Very good post!

    I never found out which bastard from our congregation / circuit outed us on here.

  • 00DAD

    cantleave: I never found out which bastard from our congregation / circuit outed us on here.

    I'm sorry you had that experience.

    But I'm glad you shared this here. It answers problemaddict's question, addresses perfect1's concern and confirms why I posted this: Anyone that would lurk here and then out someone the found here or turn them into the elders are cowards and hypocrites.

    If that person is themselves an elder, they their hypocrisy is correspondingly greater. They should be ashamed of themselves. I am ashamed of them.

    The scriptures describe God and Jesus as shepherds, not policemen.


  • 00DAD

    bumpin' it for someone special!

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