The "Tree of Life and its meaning"

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  • cofty

    EdenOne, are you advocating special creation, intelligent design or theistic evolution?

    Do you understand the differences?

  • sabastious
    That is not evidence.

    I am going to rest my case here. Clearly, are you using a specialized definition of the term "evidence" which muddies the waters of any discussion. The above example was sound logic describing a circumstance of where personal evidence exists that cannot be verified by others. I understand that the scientific community cannot make use of personal evidence, but that doesn't mean that the experiencer of such evidence should not believe their own experience. They should question it and be skeptical about it because it's the responsible thing to do. However, if the logic checks out, it checks out.

    You are ignorant of what "all secularists" think.

    I REALLY wish that were true.


  • cofty
    I don't quite see a mutual exclusion between what I believe and what science says

    If you read some more science you would.

  • EntirelyPossible

    I am going to rest my case here. Clearly, are you using a specialized definition of the term "evidence" which muddies the waters of any discussion.

    You have no case. Personal revelation is not evidence.

    I REALLY wish that were true.

    It is.

  • cantleave

    Adam and Eve were the first humans created "in God's image", but there have been other hominid and humanoids populating the Earth for long time. While they were created with a special purpose, because they fell, God allowed the descendants of Adam and Eve to merge with other previous human species (this would answer the question of Where Cain got his wife).

    I see you have given this a lot of thought, but really??????

    Neanderthals went extinct between 20 - 33.000 years ago, so when did this happen?

  • james_woods

    Folks - isn't it obvious that Eden is just making this up as he goes along?

  • cofty

    His blog is real enough

  • EdenOne


    I didn't know I had to fall into a certain cathegory, but if you insist - although Jehovahs Witnesses' interpretation of Genesis is predominantly adherent to Special Creation, with admission of Intelligent Design, I lean to thinking that there is logic in accepting all three.

    Naturally, deistic evolution is part of the grand sheme of things, but God can (and certainly did) certain things as "special creations" (if you don't believe in material creation, let's just consider the angels or Christ), and intelligent design was employed as well. To me, undoubly Adam and Eve qualify as special creations, although I believe there's room to equate that they weren't the first human beings to walk the earth. They were, however, the first to be created "in God's image", and therefore, the subjects of interest for the rest of the Bible.

    Edit: cantleave, i didn't mean to imply that the descendants of Adam and Eve merged with Neandertals. I stated as an hypothesis that thay could have merged with other previous human groups (Cro-Magnons, other Homo Sapiens, etc).

    This will be my last post for today, as I've run out of posts. See you soon, and wish we could all be sitting at a table, drinking some nice wine, and looking into a beautiful scenery, and once we finished our discussion, we could all go and enjoy a good meal together with our families. Best wishes for everyone.


  • james_woods

    I meant the theology, not the blog Cofty.

    I am also completely mystified as to why he seems to want to stubbornly hang on to the JW world while living in his own theological space.

    And by why he wants to shovel this shit all over us here.

  • cofty

    James - fair comment.

    Your theology does appear to be 99.9% pure Watchtower EdenOne.

    They will only stand for 100% mind control so sooner or later your website will end up in you getting DFd.

    Do some proper research EdenOne, you are fooling yourself if you imagine you are any more open-minded than the average JW.

    This forum will be good for you if you have the courage to keep debating things honestly.

    There was no Adam and Eve - deal with that first and watch the dominos begin to fall.

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