Anyone here who is still a Jehovahs Witness and havent given up yet, Please answer me!

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  • Vienna Angelika
    Vienna Angelika

    I am wanting to connect to current JWs who are going through a tough time and are going through a similar time as me. Not any JW haters, just balanced concerned JWs who havent quite given up yet.

  • cantleave

    Very few of us on here hate witnesses, they are our friends and family, we still love them but know they are enslaved. We hate the cult leaders that hold them in slavery using emotional blackmail and a web of lies and deceit.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I don't see individual haters of individual JW's here. Try Topix

  • Balaamsass

    Welcome to the board Vienna.

  • Vienna Angelika
    Vienna Angelika

    I agree that the leaders take it WAY too far. I do not hate them, but I want to help to be part of a solution. I just want to find out if there is anyone out there who is still a JW and wants to discuss their concerns and encourage one another.

  • problemaddict


    I am kind of ahalf in half out one myself. I have struggled with the "don't throw the baby out with the bathwater" mentality. But I have not been to a meeting ina few months now. Why don't you get more specific as to the tough time you are going through, so those that can relate can comment to you?

    Just an FYI, not very many here hate JW's. I was surprised to see that, but it is true. I would say they have a problem being told they are "mentally diseased", and "apostate" because they do not think the same as the 8 memebers of the GB. So you may be surprised.

    PM me if you would like a more private conversation. :)

  • cantleave

    Being an open forum anyone can join a thread on here. But there are lots of actives on here, including some elders and MS's. The great thing about this place is we have all been there, we understand and we can ALL provide support.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I am technically still a JW in good standing. I don't hate the members. I never "gave up." I just woke up.

    Grasshopper, you may learn much from a variety of people here. Don't insist on limiting your association.

  • Hermano

    Welcome to the board. You're not alone. There are many like you in the Kingdom Halls. The problem is everyone has been taught to fear and report anyone who voices any grievances to the authorities (elders). Doesn't it stink that real issues within the Organization cannot be discussed in the spiritual paradise? Something is not right with that picture....

  • Vienna Angelika
    Vienna Angelika

    Dont worry, I am willing to talk to anyone on here as long as they are polite. I dont care if they are "apostate" I just wanted to find some that are actually still JWs on top of that

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