Anyone here who is still a Jehovahs Witness and havent given up yet, Please answer me!

by Vienna Angelika 43 Replies latest jw friends

  • Vienna Angelika
    Vienna Angelika

    Also, I wouldnt mind talking to some of you more privately, but i dont really know how this site works yet. could you guys help me?

  • BlindersOff1

    You won't find much hating of JWs here . Many many here are active Elders, Pioneers, MS . But can't officially leave because they will

    lose family because of unchristian shunning . Many of us have 20 , 30 , or more close family who are JWs. You'll find

    that most critisism of Watchtower is accurate , verified, referenced , TRUE .

    I went from being very active to inactive. I had been emotionally abused by JW leaders for decades.

    It finally led me to do deep accurate research into the history and timelines of doctrine change within Watchtower .

    Thousands here are not DAed or DFed but inactive because they found out "the truth about the truth" TTATT

  • Vienna Angelika
    Vienna Angelika

    Random thought, but I am just finishing reading Crisis of Concience by Ray Franz and I love it! One of my fav books now

  • cantleave

    Also, I wouldnt mind talking to some of you more privately, but i dont really know how this site works yet. could you guys help me?

    Top right of the page is an envelope. You will any Private Messages there. It does not open or anything to indicate there are messages you need to click on it to see if you have any.

    When you try to open the message it will not work the first time, you will just get lines of code. Go back out, reclick the envelope and the message and you will then be able to read it.

    You only get 10 post at first, but after 100 or so the limit will increase.

    The best thing on this forum (other trhan the people) is the search facility. Over a decade of posts can be searched by key word. You will find every topic under the sun has been discussed and is archived. When I joined the forum I spent weeks reading and learning.

  • Vienna Angelika
    Vienna Angelika

    Ok thanks, how do I send a message?

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    I am not disfellowshipped nor disassociated, I just haven't been for a while. Does that mean I am still a JW?

  • finally awake
    finally awake

    you cab send and receive private messages through the little envelope icon in the top right corner of the screen. I am no longer a witness, but I don't hate them

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    When you stated, "who haven't given up", I thought u wanted to speak with someone who didn't have any doubts. We get active JW's who are short on their time a lot here and start debating. Or attempting to teach.

    Ask away, you'll get hit with a lot of answers. Take it cafeteria style.

  • cantleave

    To send a message click on a name < and then click send message

  • problemaddict

    Vienna you have a PM.

    But don't shy away from a public question. You get a ton of different viewpoints and the cafeteria style wha happened mentioned can be pretty cool.

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