Anyone here who is still a Jehovahs Witness and havent given up yet, Please answer me!

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  • blondie

    *** w93 7/15 p. 27 Tenderly Shepherding Jehovah’s Precious Sheep ***

    Inactivity in the ministry or in attending Christian meetings does not mean that the sheep is no longer part of the flock. He remains part of “all the flock” for whom the elders must “render an account” to Jehovah.

  • pearlsister

    Vienna : I am still in. I go out in service but not a lot. I sill comment on the Wt study.

    I just do my own thing. I got friends out of the org that I kept forever because I always tought that they were not a bad influence, but they would bring positive to me. I hang out with "wordly" friends and I have a "wordly " husband.

    Some of my friends in the org are not hard core eather. They are pretty moderate.

    I don't agree how they treat people. IT's just nor right !

  • JWOP

    I'm am SOOOOO used to Face Book! I kept finding myself wanting to "Like" many of the posts!

  • kokyong.soon3

    i am still in. i tried to put in 1 hour every month so that i am considered a publisher. i also attend at least 1 meeting in a month. i am worried that if i miss reporting for 1 month, then i would be considered irregular. it is not good to be termed 'drifting away'.

  • jwfacts


    I want to help to be part of a solution

    I'm interested to know what you think the solution would be?

  • cyberjesus

    Yeah, whats d solution. Welcome

  • return of parakeet
    return of parakeet

    "... balanced concerned JWs who havent quite given up yet."

    There are no balanced concerned JWs. There are only brain-sucked WTS dubs.

    If you're having serious doubts, you're no longer a dub, even if you're still going through the motions.

    Do yourself a favor and get out physically as well as mentally.

  • Satanus

    Careful, people, on what information you give out.


  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    Hi Vienna and welcome to the forum. My family & I are still current JW's. Because of chemical poisoning, several of us can no longer attend meetings, assemblies, service etc. Because of that, we were FORCED to become inactive. But started having 'doubts' when we saw the lack of love and understanding. My own mother-in-law told me that since I could not live up to my dedication to Jehovah anymore that I would die at armeggedon. So we started doing research and OH BOY!

    CoC is a really good start.

    Research as much as you can. is a good start.

    I made the mistake last week of telling my mom that I just didn't know how much longer I could take some of this 'new light' the GB was handing out and her & my sister started telling everyone that I had disassociated myself and launched a slander campaign on Facebook. So now, even though I am still considered just an inactive JW, thanks to my family, none of my friends & family will talk to me, including my mom.

    There is another thread going on this forum that you might find interesting: With attention to 1952WT 11/15 pg 703 Questions from readers pp 2

  • Gojira_101

    Hi Vienna,

    I don't think there are to many haters on if there are, they are easy to see by their comments. I guess I'm still considered in, but haven't reported any service time for 3 months...It's hard because I was just going to go inactive so I could still talk to my family and now my aunt found out I haven't been in service for 3 months and right away I was accused of apostacy and she has forbidden me from talking to my grandmother and now it's spreading among my JW friends and they won't even talk to me now so I can tell them it's not true. I don't hate them, I actually feel bad for them that they are so afraid of me because "I'm an evil apostate" when it's not even true. I have my doubts and I have learned things about the JW history, but I've kept those things to myself and I haven't been spreading it around.

    I understand your doubts and all I can say is read your bible, and also get a few other translations too just to compare, and keep your eyes open and if something goes against what things should be, goes against the bible, question it. The "truth" about anything will stand up against the lies, but the lies will crumble away. There are things the JW's teach that are lies and they will crumble away because the BIBLE will always stand against the lies.

    I hope and pray you can find your way and most important ask Jehovah for guidence and to see what HIS truth is.

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