Anyone here who is still a Jehovahs Witness and havent given up yet, Please answer me!

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  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    ....and may I add my 2 cents worth. Something I heard on a CD/audio tape from this past summer's District convention that got me to thinking seriously. Sat morning @ 9:40 [I believe it was] the 2 part symposium on 'Motivating right-hearted ones to love their- Spiritual mother'

    The CO makes this statement, and I quote word for word "The bible by itself does not shine thru as life-giving truths just by itself." Publisher: "That's why Jehovah provides us with the organization- our mother."

    Here is an actual audio of that part of the program.

    One nice thing about not being able to actually attend without all the distractions and have to rely on CD's made by our congregation is that I can actually pick up on things being said.

    If I had made this same statement about the bible last year, I would be marked an apostate and DF'd

    This should make all of the current JW's think seriously. Not that I'm trying to sway anyone to stay or go. I'm just asking y'all to think.

  • Vienna Angelika
    Vienna Angelika

    By the way, I live in Winnipeg so if anyone here lives in Winnipeg I wouldnt mind meeting up. I could use some real friends

  • HymieAli

    Hey there!

    We (wife and I) are in the winnipeg area.

    Work right downtown by MTS/True North/whatever its called now.

    Often we end up at stellas by UofW, and I am more than a little addicted to coffee!

    I have been out for 20+ years though so I may not know all the terms the cool kids use.

    She is fresh out (I tease her and call it a temporary hiatus), so she may know a few of the same people you do.

  • ABibleStudent

    Vienna Angelika - I agree that the leaders take it WAY too far. I do not hate them, but I want to help to be part of a solution.

    Welcome Vienna Angelika to JWN.

    I'm not a JW. A former friend who is a "Spiritually Strong" (gag!) JW tried to recruit me into the Watchtower. I like R&F JWs and feel sorry for JWs who are victimized by the WTBTS and its leaders. Of course my former friend has accused me of not being nice to her because I disagree with the WTBTS. I feel that the WTBTS is a printing, distribution, and real estate holding corporation that uses BITE control techniques to victimizes JWs.

    How do you propose to be a part of the solution when the WTBTS's leaders point a shun gun at the mind of every JW?

    I have three potential solutions. All JWs stop donating money to the WTBTS and stop using WTBTS literature when conducting bible studies - just use the Bible. My third solution would be to write to politicians to pass legislation to change tax and/or charitiable organization laws to require that all tax-exempt organizations and/or organizations receiving government assistance must promote to their members to contact law enforcement immediately instead of keep quiet about felonious crimes and must not promote shunning members and former members by an organization.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


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