How Long has it Been since you Last Attended Meetings and What Caused...

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  • Rattigan350

    Rubadubdub said:

    When they finally announced the "new Light" (gag) that the Toes in Daniel's dream image, drum roll please. . . mean absolutely nothing

    I was amazed at this announcement of this being a new understanding because the fact of the matter is that it was not new to me because several years prior, I was the one that informed them of this. What they do is, they agree the with what the letter writer says, but write to him/her and/or the congregation's elders and state to wait on Jehovah, or keep studying, not to run ahead, etc. Then they steal the information and present it as their new light and everyone eats it up.

    Spergrass said:

    I attended the DC later and walked out when that talk came on

    Last fall I was at the Special Assembly day just for the afternoon to hear the Bethel speaker as he was from the Branch committee. My wife was out of town so I went by myself. During his final talk he said to safeguard your conscience by simplifying your life. I wondered 'what am I doing here just sitting and listening to something I already know' and I left to help simply my life.

  • rubadubdub

    Thanks, Think About it! I think the ultimate hook keeping me in for so long was the guilt trip, "You have to be strong and set the example, so when your family is ready to come back, you will be here waiting for them."

    And Rattigan350 I totally get that! For years it bugged me that when they quoted readers responses to articles in the Awake!, they never referenced the original article, and I would go back and try to find it-- what a pain! I finally wrote them and ever so humbly (as every sister must) asked them to pretty please use a citation referencing the original article.

    A few month's later they began to cite the article. No mention, that 'it's been called to our attention that we are not so very bright. . .'

  • Dogpatch

    32 years, to avoid vomiting.

    I haven't worn a suit in ages, go barefoot mostly, haven't been in a church in 20 years.

    Oh I take that back, did go to my mom and dad's Baptist Church in Arkansas about 3 years ago for a potluck (rented facility), the pastor was an ex Hell's Angel-type. :-))

    Loved it.

    Not my style. I hated going to church as a kid, refused by 13 yrs old after going to Robert Schuller's Drive-In Community Church in Garden Grove, Calif. The only one of it's kind (thank God). (Now the broke Crystal Cathedral). My mom volunteered to help edit his first popular book.

    "Going to church" - It's not a biblical custom. Breaking bread together and reading, praying, singing and miracles were.

    Haven't put on a suit in 31 years.

    I'm a hippie, dammit!

  • free and happy
    free and happy

    I haven't been to the hall for nearly 5 years and I can say I honestly don't miss it - I feel happier than I've ever felt before and so is my family.

    To Dogpatch - Bet your soo much happier now than in a suit, i put my husbands suits in a charity bag! It felt good!

  • etna


    nicw story hope it works out well for you and your hubby.


  • flipper

    Thanks for all the replies ! Been busy working out of town for about 4 days straight or so- nice to be home. Would love to hear more of your experiences ! Isn't freedom of mind a great thing ? Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • frankiespeakin

    Last time I went to a meeting I was feeling very naughty, I had not gone for about 5 or 6 years since.

    I went to a kingdom hall in that was located in a downtown area, I was smoking in front of the hall on the public walk way as people were shuffling in it was a college town and the JWs were mostly poor and uneducated as the comments at the watchtower seemed to indicate as commenting was very poor and answers were read straight from the paragraphs the hall seemed empty and the talk hardly understandable and boring to the extreme.

    A nice looking Japanese sister came up to me after the meeting as I was on the sidewalk smoking and introduced herself to me and we talked I asked for a date(just for fun) she declined saying she was married. That was my last time.

  • flipper

    Thanks for the experiences . Hope to hear even more from others on how you stopped attending and what motivated you to stop. This will help all the new members here see that it CAN be done. Thanks again. Peace out, mr. Flipper

  • RubaDub

    I went on Sunday.

    Rub a Dub

  • d

    bump for more stories.

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