How Long has it Been since you Last Attended Meetings and What Caused...

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  • isaacaustin

    My last meeting was the memorial of 2006. I knew at that point it was a mind control cult...and as I left I knew I would never return. So, I have been clean so for almost 7 years! :)

  • flipper

    ISAAC and al you others who have responded thanks for telling your stories ! They are very inspirational and will assist some lurking JWs sitting on the fence to decide hopefully to jump to the " freedom " side of the fence ! Keep the experiences coming ! Thanks. Peace out, mr. Flipper

  • Phizzy

    Lil' ol' bump for an excellent thread. Newbies, take heart !

  • flipper

    PHIZZY- Thanks for the bump ! Bump up for any more newbies or anybody wanting to tell their story

  • flipper

    Any newbies or others who want to tell their stories of how they stopped attending meetings - feel free to do so here ! It may help other exiting JW's to get out and stop attending as well ! Peace out, Mr. flipper

  • Dismissing servant
    Dismissing servant

    Last time for me was in 1989. I'v been fading since then!

  • Finkelstein

    I faded way back in the early 1980's after growing up in this religion from birth.

    The activities I personal witnessed which occurred around 1975, from the people within the congregation as well

    the questionable reason why was the WTS. doing this, sparked a light within myself which lead me to fade away quietly and slowly.

    I realized the WTS. had a built in element of commercialized fraud operating as a religious publishing house.

    Retrospectively speaking, it always had this from its very beginning.

    Since I upheld the belief that god is pure and truthful, then how could and why would god choose this religion,

    when it is so untruthful and dishonest. This left me with the conclusion that this religion

    was made up by men alone for their own inspirations and personal desires.

    Mostly concerning self empowerment and acquiring money through the organization literature distribution agenda.

  • flipper

    Anybody else like to share their story of fading and stopping attending meetings ? Thanks for sharing

  • LouBelle

    My very last meeting was nearly 7 years ago. I had already started questioning the faith and knew it wasn't the whole truth I thought it was. It was either a Tuesday or Thursday night and I was meant to give a talk on the 144 000 in the main school. I worded my talk in such a way that I never mentioned the number 144 000, never mentioned that they came from JW's. Before the meeting the elders approached me and said that my aunt told them I had been to another church - I confirmed I had and said it was to see what 'babylon the great is up too, so that I can speak from experience'. The elders informed me that they had moved my talk to the 2nd (B) school and I was to give it there, however when the time came, they announced that I wouldn't be giving the talk and that another sister was.......... I stood up, tears streaking down my face and walked out.

    My awakening had literally come on new years day 7 years ago - I woke up and asked "is this all there is to life". I knew it was the religion I was questioning, I had gone through way too much, done to much, prayed so much, studied so much and I still felt empty.

    It literally took 6 months and I was disfellowshiped for apostacy. Couldn't care less. I would do it again and sooner if given the chance. I would happily leave everyone and everything all over again and be free.

  • d

    I left the religion in 2008. I could then that my life was not truly being lived. I felt trapped and unhappy. As a a child I thought it was the truth, but as I get older I felt that their had to more to life. I knew then that eventually I would leave this religion. I am taking on day at a time.

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