One experience in our old Kingdom Hall that still HAUNTS me

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  • Aunt Fancy
    Aunt Fancy

    I get upset every time I hear these stories because they happen way too often, there are way too many power hungry, abusive men in position. I am glad you were able to get your daughter and son in law out and hopefully you will be able to enjoy life. There are some books out there that will help with your self esteem. Have you read any of Steve Hassen's books? There is also a book called Six Pillars of Self Esteem that is really excellent in helping to gain back your self esteem which the WTS has managed to crush it. Hang in there!

  • mamochan13

    NewlyE and Gojira - so happy to hear that you are out and together as a family. That's a success story in itself - that the elders could not take away your family relationship.

    Nice to have you here on the journey with the rest of us as we try to rebuild our lives post-JW.

  • flipper

    NEWLY ENLIGHTENED- We're very happy to have you at this site. I also experienced gross injustices from heavy handed elders giving their own personal opinions as counsel to me. When I didn't follow their " counsel " I was " marked " as well because I wasn't going to cowtow to a bunch of idiots who thought they were " God ". Please give your daughter a hug for my wife and me and tell her that she has unconditional friends here who understand her and care, O.K. ? You hang in there too ! Take care of yourself and each other

  • flipper

    Oh, I see Gojira commented ! I only read page 1 . I'm so sorry you went through that Gojirah. Please know that you have friends here who experienced similar injustices from elders ( myself included ) and that you're not alone, O.K. ? We feel for you my friend. Take care of yourself and your husband. We have freedom of mind now that we're away from those vain " elders ". Nice to be able to think for ourselves now and not worry about being " judged ". The elders only had as much power over us that we let them have anyway- in reality they are BIG nobody's. They don't matter. We do. Take care

  • OnTheWayOut

    Those elders were way out of line. They know the saying: Time and unforeseen occurrence befall us all...

    I tried pioneering as a young M.S. working full time. Six months in, I was way behind my time. It wasn't from any medical problem or family emergency. I just couldn't do it. The elders didn't want me to quit pioneering. After they tried to offer advice on "making up" the tim and I kept saying I couldn't do it, they said the C.O. okayed it for them to just forgive the time and for me to just get the 500 hours for the remaining six months. I guess they really really wanted male pioneers.

    I still said NO as I explained my circumstances had not changed and I could not get 500 hours in six months (as the first six months proved). But they tried to encourage and find a solution- that was my point.

  • AuntConnie

    My husband said we need to listen to the loving provision Jehovah provides through "local needs" parts, do not allow pride to stop you from getting your hours! Be humble and wait on Jehovah!

  • WTWizard

    And they wonder why I never signed up to pious-sneer. Suppose joke-hova decided to see how much I could take and still get my hours in. I would still be held up to getting my time in, and joke-hova would be able to get out of doing a damn thing for me. I don't give a fxxx if I was getting in the time--one slip up, and I could get in trouble for not keeping my vow (as if joke-hova was worth it. That thing never kept any vows it made with me.)

    I think I will stick with doing Christmas decorations. And, Easter is next--in honor of Astaroth.

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    AUNT CONNIE: I was reading your post about your husband/elder lying to you and I thought you said that you weren't going to post anymore. Hypocrite!

    The following comment is from my husband the Ex MS & Reg pioneer:

    1 John 3:10 Here is the clear difference between God's children and the Devil's children: Anyone who does not do what is right or does not love his brother is not God's child."

    It's apparent that neither you or your husband has GENUINE fellow feeling and LOVE for your fellow brothers & sisters. Because if you had this genuine love, your comments would reflect love and understanding instead of preaching WT policy and doctrines at everyone

  • Balaamsass

    By their fruits you shall know them.......... they simply reflect what they are taught by the GB.

  • Gojira_101

    I'm just courious if AuntConnie is an active witness and her husband is an elder, than what is she doing on a website the WTBTS has deemed as apostate. I've had elders tell not to go to this site because it's apostate. I'm just surprized her husband allows this. It seems to me that because AuntConnie is an elders wife she hasn't had the mental, and spiritual abuse the elders do on us rank and file.

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