One experience in our old Kingdom Hall that still HAUNTS me

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  • lovelylil

    There is NO LOVE there plain and simple. They only care about numbers on paper because they want to look good for the PO. Its a business, nothing more. Just like any business they have to have a good sales report.

    I had similar experiences like this too and they are what eventually opened my eyes that this organization is very ungodly and PAGAN. Pagan because they rely on themselves and not God. That is why they are so numbers oriented.

    Anyway sorry that happened to your daughter, hope you are both out and living a happy cult free life. Peace, Lilly

  • exwhyzee

    The same kind of thing happened in our Hall. A young sister who had been a Regular Pioneer since leaving high school became engaged and simply didn't sign up for the year of her wedding because she wasn't sure if she'd be able to make her time because of the planning and moving and big changes. At the end of the service meeting, the P.O. got up and said. "We have a bit of sad news to report.....Mary Smith will be dropping out from among the Regular Pioneer ranks" There was no thank you or commendation for all the years she served" It was as if they announced a death. A silence fell over the hall. The poor girl burst into tears there in her seat as a few sisters tried to console her. I don't even know why it had to be announced in the first place.

    Some of these guys in charge are really CLODS !

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    WOW! That's terrible. I just got done watching a documentary about 'Cults' which helps explain why the elders & higher ups treat people the way they do.

    If you can over look their pro-trinity part, its called 'The Marks of a Cult: Bibical analysis" by Eric Holmberg

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