One experience in our old Kingdom Hall that still HAUNTS me

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  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

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    [Readers digest condensed version] after 30+ yrs of this same kind of crap, we were tired of it.

    If you ever go to I posted as New Dissident on there and gave my story. Chemically poisoned, can't go to meetings etc. Treated like a loser and apostate. A dear friend [current JW] came for a visit and my husband made the comment that "JW's are the most self-deceived people on the planet". Then our friend just made a couple of comments and asked us questions, so we started researching the internet and oh holy crap!

    We just took our daughter and son-in-law out to lunch and started talking about our doubts that this was God's organization and they listened. I thank God everyday that they are smart enough to see the organization for what it really is

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

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    XElder- I wouldn't hold what you've done in the past against you because you appear to feel regret for being 'that kind of elder", but you can probably see the systemic problem in the entire org.

    mamochan13- I feel for you to be treated like that. That was dispicable.

    Clarity- What a horrible sicko thing to do to a 5 yr old. That brother needs therapy. I read an article not too long ago from a pschologist [ I know I butchered the spelling] that Jehovah's Witnesses were raising a generation of future serial killers. YIKES! that's scary.

    JWOP- I'm glad you found this site. We always hear so many of these 'horror' stories.

    Blues Brother- The BOE used a 'local needs' section from the KM part to do this talk in. I don't know if it was a 'marking' talk or just a local needs. All I know is that it traumatized a 16 yr old girl who was upset for weeks.

    PinkSapphire- How horrible for you to go thru all that. Let me guess, some of those that went inside the club and enjoyed themselves and nothing happened to, were elders kids?

    When my husband who will probably post as EX Ministerial servant & Reg pioneer, gets up the nerve and has time, he's got some horror stories of how they kept taking his privleges away.

    Thank you all, for your thoughts, well wishes, welcoming spirit and friendship

    May you all find peace and with the real TRUTH

  • nugget

    Sometimes you wonder why you ever bothered. Your daughter has my sympathy. Where were the elders when she was laid up, wouldn't it have been better for the elders to ask people to bring their studies to your daughter's house so she could get time in whilst convalescing. They could also have arranged for her to go on RVs so she wouldn't have to risk further damage. They could also have taken her off for two months. The fact that they did nothing to support her shows they failed her.

    Their insensitive handling of the issue shows their lack of support rather than your daughter's lack of committment. To give such a talk was totally reprehensible and shows that there is no love. However it is true Cults shoot their wounded.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Yeah, stuff like this makes us wonder how we put up with this shit for so long.

    Someday I'll tell my I-Should-Have-Known-Better experience.

  • MsD

    Such a terrible thing that happened. Happy for you that your family is out. I guarantee there are many out there who've suffered the same kind of abuse. So, so sad.

  • Scott77

    sorry for what you went through. Tthe Watchtower cult religion is sometime a personal thing at local level. These men are so uncaring and cruel. Shame on them. I know them very well.


  • Hortensia

    Welcome - glad to have you and your family here.

  • whathappened

    This must happen all the time. My nephew always wore his hair a bit long. We were in a very small congregation. A special needs talk really honed in on brothers with long hair. Since every other brother had a buzz cut, it was painfully obvious to everyone that the talk was about my nephew. The thing is, he was humble and didn't take of fence. ( he didn't get his haircut). He no longer attends the meetings...go figure.

  • Gojira_101

    Yup this experience is true. I'm still scarred from it and the other things they did to beat me. I'll be posting another elder story soon.

    To Jookbeard: I still have low self-esteem and feelings of worthlessness. I don't think it's solely from this experience, it's from the whole time being a JW that has made me like this.

    Cofty: I'm out now with my husband.

    It's funny because when NE and my father took my husband and I out to lunch, I wasn't surprised by what they were telling me. My husband looked like he was going to vomit though. The funny part was is most of what they were telling me was things I have always had doubts about and had questioned JW teachings. For example the cross, and 607....etc. I had this doubt about when Jerusalem was destroyed although not really knowing, but just figured that the "brothers" had divine enlightenment, Which now I realize all they have it skills talking out their rear!!!! And also the birthday thing, I never could understand why birthday's were so wrong...Anyways my husband and I are just so glad we are out now and my parents are here.

  • finally awake
    finally awake

    it's great that you all were able to get free together. I hope you are able to gain a healthy self esteem now :)

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