One experience in our old Kingdom Hall that still HAUNTS me

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  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    The following is a TRUE experience and my daughter gojira101 will verify that it happened to her. An experience from our family's past that still haunts me and started my questioning whether this is the true organization of God or not.

    My daughter, who has always been a good kid, never gave us any problems [She's an adult now] Started regular pioneering. Within a few weeks of her starting, she fell on a steep hill and tore open her knee and had to have several stitches. Her knee was also knocked out of 'place' and ligaments damaged. Sad, to say she was 'laid up' and unable to walk for 2 months. Any one who has been a JW knows that for a regular pioneer that is devastating. By the time she was able to walk again she was so far behind on her time that it was discouraging for her, but she kept going and getting as much time as she could, despite the pain of walking on it.

    By July/August the following year, all the new pioneers were looking forward to going to the Pioneer School. My daughter ended up being 120/130 hours short of her required amount. The BOE informed her that she was short on her hours and would be unable to attend the pioneer school. My daughter was devastated.

    [An elder's daughter in a neighboring cong. was 130 hours behind also, but allowed to go]

    To make matters worse; There were only 2 regular pioneers in our hall. The PO's wife and my daughter. Everyone knew the elders wife had gotten her time, becasue she was bragging about, getting it all in 2 months early. One Thurs night the elders gave a 'Marking talk'* [Ask any JW, they will tell what these are]

    The subject was about regular pioneers that didn't get their time. Scriptures were read regarding making a vow to Jehovah and not keeping it, regardless of what life may throw at us or unforeseen circumstances. Within just a few minutes, my daughter ran out of the hall sobbing uncontrollably. I grabbed our coats and ran after her, accidently knocking our chairs over and making a big scene.

    Only 1 elder followed us out to the parking lot and said "No one called you?" The elder giving the talk was supposed to call and let you know that this talk was going to be given and that it wasn't directed at your daughter." I told him "Oh really. EVERYONE knows that XXXXX got her time and my daughter is the only other reg. pioneer.

    Obviously we weren't the only ones that knew it was about my daughter because within a day or 2 she started getting 'sympathy' cards from several others in the cong. and most of which said that the BOE was out of line to give that talk, especially knowing about her accident.

    I should have left the organization right then and there. I feel like an idiot for not doing so. I don't expect anyone to reply or to feel sorry for my daughter, I just have to vent about the mental abuse our family has suffered.

    That is one of the reasons I have no respect for any elder that 'beats' the sheep

  • jookbeard

    sad story hope it didn't take your daughter too long to get over such trauma, I suppose the moral of the story is ; fake the hours like millions of them do.

  • cofty

    Was it perhaps more of a vindictive special needs talk rather than a marking talk? In any case that was despicable even by normal JW standards.

    I'm assuming your daughter is no longer slaving for the cult?

    Thanks for sharing that story, its often these kind of experiences rather than matters of doctrine that wakes people up.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    All the bad experiences that make me glad to be out always outweigh anything good while I was in.

    (((hugs))) to both of you

  • cantleave

    You're out now, try and put the crap behind you

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    Thank you very much. My daughter and her husband have left also and we're all new to this site.

    We're so happy to be out

  • xelder

    What a difficult time.

    The thing is, as an elder at one time, I am sure I made stupid hurtful comments that I regret now. So, I can apologize to you and your daughter for being that type of elder too. I also had hurtful things said to me. But, they are part of what opened my eyes, so I can be thankful in a way I guess. Hope all contunues to brighten for you and your daughter.

  • ABibleStudent

    Welcome and Hi Newly Enlightened, I'm sorry about your negative experiences as a JW. What caused you to leave the WTBTS (i.e., the final straw)? How were you able to leave with some of your family?

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • cult classic
    cult classic

    Ugh! That story sounds about right.

    When I was 17 I signed up to regular pioneer. I had been baptized that March and signed up in August to start pioneering in September. Well, I was the first (and at the time) only young person reaching out to pioneer. Well 3 (yes 3) elders met with me at the beginning of September and counseled me to death.

    They told me that I shouldn't have signed up to pioneer until I had been baptized for 6 months not 5 months. Also, I was only averaging 10 hours a month, so how dare me sign the slip. I was counseled to keep working on my spirituality and apply again.

    Well, I was devastated. But I auxiliary pioneered the rest of the year, went to serve where the need was great and traveled a bit.

    Then the following August, I put in my application again. Along with about 6 other recent high-school grads.

    And the elder reading the new appointments announced my name last.

    I tell you, back in the day, you couldn't have paid me to get a clue.

  • 00DAD

    NE, sorry to hear that story. The lack of basic human compassion that many elders show is just disturbing.

    I wish I could say that such experiences are the excpeption, but I'd be lying. I'll leave that the the WTBTS.

    Glad you're Newly Enlightened!


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