How many decades/centuries before 1914 becomes irrelevant?

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  • OnTheWayOut

    1874 is dead and buried, so is 1925 except for vague references. WTS keeps changing doctrines. Heck, they changed things about 1975 and people deny what is in print in a 1969 Awake and deny everything said at conventions that is not in print. They will eventually ditch 1914.

    The problem is that GB predecessors hitched all their anchors to 1914. They took it from the end of end times to the beginning of end times, to the invisible return, to a supposedly clear mathematical Biblical proof involving 7 times. They tied the anointed resurrection to 1914 and still tie the current definition of "generation" to it.

    My point is that they dug in too deep. Changing things nowadays is slower because every old reference to doctrine is right at everyone's electronic fingertips. The overlap shows that current GB members preferred to double down (dig even deeper) into the established date rather than ditch it. They bought time. My guess is that they won't change 1914 in their lifetime, but pass it on. Somewhere down the line, when membership is falling, they will tackle this dinosaur.


    The "Overlapping Generations" has already made 1914 irrevelent..

    The WBT$ has walked away from decades of teaching..

    "The Generation of 1914 will not pass away"..

    Meh..They`re all gonna die..

    Get over it!..

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  • MsD

    I believe they are running out of time. They've been saying the end is going to come for 100 yrs practically. It's only a matter of time before people really start questioning the "faithful and discreet slave". Still the ones that have been sucked into the religion will never be able to figure it out so they'll continue on doing what they do because there's no where else to go. Truly sad.

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS. has recently lied and misrepresented what the WTS preached prior to 1914.

    In one of their recent articles, now they put themselves in a position to create more misinformation based from that year,

    being that nothing has happened as they preached for the past a century now.

    Added an (s) to Jesus words was the only thing they could come up with to create an answer to this problem.

    Even when mother speaks in forked tongue the sheep listens as if it is coming from the voice of god himself.

    Nevertheless I will still wager that 1914 will eventually be dropped by the WTS. as the year 2014 passes and it will just become one

    of those old doctrines that was created by the unfortuate fault of imperfect men.

    As it has shown many people are starting to awaken by the many false doctrines /teachings of this religious organization

    and some have actually ended up here telling about it.

    The deal is the WTS. knows what were the false doctrines of this organization and probably what those doctrines availed to

    the organization in attracting the publics attention and support over the years, toward this publishing house.

    Thats why in a recent WT or AW. they came out and stated that the organization had made some mistakes in the past,

    an attempt to white wash over the corruption that this organization has postulated upon itself for so long now.

    One thing to notice though the WTS. failed to apologize to the many hundreds of thousands of people lives they wasted

    in pushing people to promote the organization's literature, literature which was full of hyped inaccurate information,

    created for its commercial appeal rather than truth.

  • bats in the belfry
    bats in the belfry

    jwfacts >>

    By what year would the majority of believers have fallen away, because 1914 is just to distant to make any sense?

    That question, or a variant of it, is a definitive 'must' to ask any elder, circumstances permitting.

    Was there not also a 100 year period in the OT that Freddie did away with? Maybe it is to be added on after all.

  • Leolaia

    Don't Adventists still consider 1798 and 1844 to be significant dates?

  • Phizzy

    The demise of the WT/JW scam may come before they have time to make the 1914 crap fade into vague memory.

    They are harassed on many sides, the Candace Conti case in the U.S, the class action in Australia, and finally , the GREAT Internet, which they are forced to embrace, and yet will prove an Asp in their bosom.

    I see a rocky decade ahead for them, one which hopefully will see them becoming as discredited as they diserve, and less respected than even the Scientologists.

  • Finkelstein

    A lot of religions have spawned from Miller and the 1800's

  • problemaddict

    There is another way to think about this. With 1914 fading into oblivion, it can seem distant to the point that it ISN'T questioned.

    Overlapping generations still has an expiration date on it. Lets say the oldest annointed person is 40 which would be very young. The end has to come before that person grows old and dies according to the new doctrine.

    So the GB has explained away the number going up by calling them loons, consolidated power making the annointed impotent, then simultaneously will point ot the number as proof of the overlapping generation and that we are still in the "last tick of time".

    As 1914 gets older, I think it might just end up making people more lazy as to its significance. And I also do not think it is going anywhere. 1919 is dependent on it for example.

  • jgnat

    Don't the adventists get their pleasure from delving ever deeper in biblical mysteries, straining the gnat so to speak? It seems those "significant dates" have faded in to the background for some time.

    On the other hand, the WTS continues to beat the "we have the truth" drum, standing on tip-toe on that teeny-weeny date.

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