How many decades/centuries before 1914 becomes irrelevant?

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  • jwfacts

    How long do you think the Watchtower can speak about 1914 and have followers think it relevant? I think for people born in the 1900's, it feels like an acceptable year. But what about those born since 2000, will 1914 seem like a year of relevance? Seventh Day Adventists still present years from the 1800's as of prophetic significance, so maybe it is possible to carry on such lines of reasonings for a couple of hundred years?

    If someone said a year 1514 was the start of time of the end, I doubt anyone would take that as reasonable, or place any weight on comments that the end "is soon." What about the 1600's, or 1700's?

    For a JW, is there a cutoff, such as 2054, where almost no follower would still be able to swallow the 1914 message? Which leads to the question, in what year will they drop 1914?

  • wasblind

    , so maybe it is possible to carry on such lines of reasonings for a couple of hundred years?______jwfacts

    I don't see how , The WTS put a time limit on this system of things when they connected it to the folks that were alive in 1914


    " The "generation" that was alive at the begining of fulfilment of the sign in 1914 is now well along in years. The time remaining must be very short "_______________Reasoning From the Scriptures book page 239


  • brinjen

    I suspect they may do it again... find another year to essentially replace 1914 as having any signifigance. They've pretty much disabled it anyway with the 'overlapping generations new light'. Maybe they're looking for something else to replace it. Just a thought.

  • jwfacts

    Wasblind, as brinjen stated, they have managed to push it out another hundred or so years with the overlapping concept. An overlap may theoretically push out the date for another hundred years, but will it be adequate emotionally in another 100 years?

  • wasblind

    I suspect they may do it again... find another year to essentially replace 1914 as having any signifigance.____Brinjen

    That's what false phophets do

  • wasblind


  • brinjen

    " That's what false phophets do "

    What was I thinking?

  • Pyramid Scheme
    Pyramid Scheme

    Hi Paul,

    I think that is a fascinating question.

    It is the absolute DNA of the religion - without it, how many people would leave - or at least ask hard questions?

    Even with the "overlapping generation" teaching (one that NO JW understands that I have spoken with), 1914 seems like an eternity. The "generation" teaching is now so twisted, that its comical and sad to think about.

    When I was 15-17 years old, in the late 80's, that seemed like the swan song for 1914. The "generation" was in their 70's and 80's. 1986 was the UN Year of Peace. We were studying the Revelation book. The cold war was still waging, and the USA and Russia were still going at it. Ronald Reagan was a "finger on the trigger" president, etc.......I remember being wrought with fear and anxiety constantly.

    Once I hit my 20's, and the "new light" came out, 1914 became a myth. Yes, I still taught it when I had to, but how could I justify it? I avoided it like the plague in my talks and never mentioned it in the ministry........

  • cyberjesus

    Is 1874 relevant to jws now? 1925? But it was at some point. 1914 will be buried in their proclaimers icloud book in 25 years from now.

    "back in 1900 the fds had the wrong assumption that 1874 and then 1914 were important dates, it was assumed by many that the end was imminent, happily we have been blessed with new light and we finally understood Jesus words, lets's be thankful to jehovah for keeping us alert all these years at this time of the end"

  • designs

    Interesting about the SDA. They hold on to the past but provide something of value for their members- Education and careers so they grow. The Wt. could pull a page from their playbook and give the green light to education while not running any colleges themselves.

    Christianity is in decline generally. The central doctrine of the Eschaton is looking worn but I give it another 200 years before its run out of gas.

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