How many decades/centuries before 1914 becomes irrelevant?

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  • james_woods

    It really is already irrelevant - the change to the "overhapping generations" is all the proof anybody really needs.

    What I think they will do is the same slow death by non-mention that was given to the 7,000 year creative days.

  • bats in the belfry
    bats in the belfry

    Now they are drilling down to the faithful the 'ever-increasing light' (?) , lest they forget: up-to-date = overlap

  • bats in the belfry
    bats in the belfry

    If we were to fear the arrival of Jehovah’s day with all its awesome accompaniments, we would not be awaiting it and keeping it

    close in mind, but would be wishing to postpone it into the indefinite future beyond our lifetime, beyond “this generation.”

    The Watchtower 1975, 12/15 p. 752 par. 2

    Isn't that exactly what the FDS/GB has done?

  • jwfacts

    Thanks, there have been a lot of great comments.

    Sulla - 1914 delivers the idea of an established church to the JWs

    That is really the issue. They do not need an end date, but they do need to justify the random start of the religion. Other religions can pop up in time, if they say all Christians will be saved, but by the Watchtower saying that only they will be saved, they need to answer why then they only arrived in the 1900's.

    OODAD - 1984 is the New 1914!

    Definitely could work. Just start the seven times from the fall of Bablyon and release of the Jews. Say "God released them in 537, but by not restablishing his kingly line showed in 537 that the gentile times has started." Most JWs would miss the whole irony of a 1984 start date. Why 1984, because it was 3.5 years after Ray Franz had been removed and the temple cleansed. Jesus arrived in 1984 to find the organisation clean. A better argument than 1919, since at least in 1984 there was a Governing Body.

    Leo - Don't Adventists still consider 1798 and 1844 to be significant dates?

    Yes, I had a young recent SDA convert come to my house. He was as adamant that SDA's were the truth as a newly converted JW, and mentioned 1844. I found it incredibly naive, which I imagine is what most people think when a JW mentions 1914.

  • Balaamsass

    One decade. They have done that many times before. Russel has been fired in absentia from the "Faithful slave" it will be easy to say he was well meaning but wrong.

    They denied WRITTEN statements about 1975 in under 5 years....and PROMOTED Freddy Franz. ANYONE who pointed out the obvious was an "apostate".

  • Finkelstein

    Maybe thats why now they lie about what the WTS. taught prior to 1914, if it becomes widely known that the WTS. via C T Russell

    preached false bible interpretations and that he was just a freelance charlatan, goes against their assertion of being the chosen organization wouldn't ?

    I was kind of taken back when it was stated by the GB in the video they put out a couple of years ago, that C T Russell was a preacher

    of Christian truths but of course stopping short of what exactly he was preaching.

    Intensionally over looking what the guy did or said as a bible preacher.

    But I guess hiding some facts plays within their agenda to keep that ever important image that god had chosen them exclusively.

  • LisaRose

    I think it is dead already. The overlapping generation nonsense was just a bridge to buy themselves time to get distance from the 1914 teachings. They will start to refer to it less and less and over the next 10 or 20 years they will stop talking about it completely. The books that mention it will go out of print and soon no one will remember it was ever part of Watchtower teachings. This was how they handled 1975. You can show JWs printouts from the literature talking about the 1975 date and they just say it's from apostates, or its been faked or even that it doesn't say what it says. The entire organization is in denial that the WTBTS predcited the end of this system in 1975. They have proven they can maintain a fiction even with the internet. Once you manage to convince someone that they can only trust one source for information, you can tell them anything you want. Pretty soon 1914 wiil be as relevant as Miracle Wheat.

  • Finkelstein

    Agree LisaRose

    They may eventually put out a brief and short explanation to why that date is irrelevant.

    You can see this already happening in the lack of even mentioning that date in their recent articles and pieces of literature .

    The head executive writers of the WTS (GB) are a devilishly cunning lot when you really think about it.

  • EmptyInside

    I don't know,but it seems most Witnesses have a very short memory. And they soon forget what was once taught. I think in a few years,they could get away with claiming they never taught that,and some would actually believe it.

    But,it seems many older ones are growing weary,and wonder just how much longer these last days are going to last.

    Then,there are those like my brother who already feel it won't happen in his lifetime,he's in his 50's,and he's okay with it. He claims it's still the best way of life.

    This crazy time frame already caused me to wake up. I can't waste anymore time.

    As far as them claiming to be God's organization on earth since 1919,I don't know how they will spin that. But,that claim always did lack Scriptural backing,as does 1914.

  • Finkelstein

    Basically the WTS set out what the faithful are to eat and what they are to poop out and they do so obediently and subserviently.

    God works in strange and peculiar ways does he not ?

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