God in your brain....

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    EP:-- atheists dont believe in god(s) what is there to test?

    EP: Atheists would provide a very revealing scan. it can be seen how the idea of the god-perception is showing up in the "self" part of the brain. So we know the pattern. Since Atheist have eliminate the god part, what substitutes ideas do they project into the "self"? abstract concepts? agression? vindication?, domination? vengence? justice? caring? compassion? foresight in providing for offspring? these are qualties that religions project into their Gods.

    One person that spoke his mind had his "God" writing laws of physics and he felt sorry for his god (lord) if these laws were at variance.

    He also felt that his God (lord) was not a gambler. so, it happens to better people than us.

    quote: " is god a mathematician? "I hope not!"

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    A prof explained to only briefly read your class notes after a class and to truly study the material the next day. Sleeping has helped me formulate concepts. I meditated for forty-five minutes a day for a while. My brain waves changed. The difference was incredible. As part of the meditation, I relaxed my body. I kept a journal. I definitely had creative insights that I normally do not have. Although I used a common Russian Orthodox prayer to anchor my meditation, I never believed Christ or anyone was signaling me.

    This is what I confusing about the voice hearers. Hearing actual auditory voices is not normal. It may not mean any meaninful pathology either. When someone says they hear from God, how do they know? Because your culture elevated people such as St. Paul and St. Francis who heard voices? It would be common usage to say that Christ spoke to me in meditation. Actual measurable auditory signals are not needed for communication. Anyone who has ever even glimpsed fine art masterpieces knows that communication need not be auditory. The Beatles speak to me. If Sir Paul or Ringo called me on the phone and started chatting with me and telling me what Beatles lyrics atually mean, i would be terrified.

    Beatles music does speak to me. The Stones speak to me. Dylan, also In fact, Dylan very much so b/c he is American.

    Imagine the fights we could have here concerning Beatles lyrics. Wow, we would really pack them in. John said this in his major Rolling Stone interview. No, John said this to Esquire. No, Paul said John actually said..... Ringo said George and John told me............... But I hear St. Paul and Ringo and they directed me to share this information.

    Love, Love, All You Need is love. The Walrus was Paul. Come together right now over me.

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    EntirelyPossible - "God in your brain..."

    auggggggh! get it out! get it oouut!! it huuuuuurts!!!!!

  • unstopableravens

    i guess i have to admit god is in all of our brains sadly he not in all of our hearts,

  • cofty

    unstop - what does that actually mean and why do christians talk in metaphors all the time?

  • EntirelyPossible

    i guess i have to admit god is in all of our brains sadly he not in all of our heart

    Would that be a form of heart disease?

  • unstopableravens

    ep: you got jokes first thing in the morning lol that really did make me laugh, cofty: it means we all have head knowlegde about god(a creator) thats the brain part, but hes not in are hearts means many do not trust him, claim him, the pharse a person says to another ,perphaps you say to your wife "i love you with all of my heart" it means the say thing. it is the greatest commandment jesus gave : you must love the lord god with all of your heart... i guess i can say sadly many will miss heaven by 18 inches, thats the distance from the head to the heart.

  • cofty

    we all have head knowlegde about god(a creator)

    No we don't

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    we all have head knowlegde about god(a creator) thats the brain part


    News to me..

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