I need prayers about Engine Out Service on my Ferrari.

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  • cofty

    Last time I had a cam belt go it still looked perfect. Some of the square-section teeth just sheered off.

  • cantleave

    I had both our Vauxhall cam belts replaced in October. About 25 years ago I had one go on a Ford Capri, I have been paranoid about making sure they are done ever since.

  • blondie

    Sorry, according to James, as a woman, my prayers have no "force."

    (James 5:16) . . .A righteous man’s supplication, when it is at work, has much force.

  • james_woods

    In that case, Blondie - you will not even be able to help those poor individuals on other threads who needed help with obesity or gastric bypass.

    So sad.

    Yes, Cofty - this is the way most Testarossa belts fail - the teeth suddenly break off. It is made worse by the fact that the Testarossa is an "interference" timed engine - if the cams stop moving for an instant, some of the valves will hit a piston. This will break the valve, damage the piston, and can even break the cam. It costs about as much as the value of the car to repair or replace the engine when this happens.

    BTW, Moshe - I LOVE that rat-bug.

  • BroMac

    James I was gonna say this is why I would only buy a Porsche 911. But you already got a Targa. LOL.

    Unless money really is no problem, I could not own a car where the cam belts needed changing every 30k miles + engine out. It must be an Italian thing because Ducati's need servicing and belt changes at low miles. Good Luck

  • undercover

    Andre (not his real name - it's James) is a Christian who lives in the Southern United States. Andre found himself in need of major car repair. Should he repair his older car, or purchase a newer car. Aware of the implications of buying a new car and the monthly payment, Andre was reluctant to add another bill. Andre's goal was to serve full time in Jehovah's service. A new car payment would mean working extra hours to pay for it. Andre prayed on the matter. A week later, while visiting an apostate message board, Andre was inundated with advice on how to extend the life of his car. Andre will now repair his car, save on the monthly payment of a new car and can continue on in his full time service to Jehovah. While one may question his motive of visiting an apostate website, when he realized that Jehovah was using it to counsel him on his decision, he quickly accepted such counsel and since has been even more dedicated in his service to Jehovah and his organization. Let us all be like Andre and repair our Ferraris in due time...

  • shamus100

    **** ***!!! >:O

    Give it to me.

  • finally awake
    finally awake

    If you really love old cars, I have a classic for you - it's a 1993 Ford F350 SuperCrew. It only needs a little restoration, and it only has 175,000 miles on it. Bonus - it gets 12 mpg on a good day. It can all be yours, for a very reasonable price :)


  • moshe

    Nice rig!! Was that vintage Ford and 5th wheel trailer used by a CO to visit the KH's in 1973-75 in order to to help the brethren stay alive until '75?

  • james_woods

    Good Lord - the things the Circuit Overseers would drive in order to serve the Watchtower!

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