I need prayers about Engine Out Service on my Ferrari.

by james_woods 65 Replies latest jw friends

  • cantleave

    Just out of Interest does the F360 have similar issues?

  • cofty

    Write to el papa and tell him its a bad design. New belts and tensioners is a Saturday morning and £50- on my car - and that includes a tea break or two.

  • moshe

    I don't know why it is so expensive- sounds so easy to do ---

    "Ferrari did a nice job designing this whole package to be easy to remove. If you are going to develop a car where the engine has to come out for most services this seems like the way to do it. The engine is attached to a frame which bolts to the bulkhead. Attached to the engine is the rear suspension and transaxle. More than a third of the car, a really important third, can be unbolted and removed without any serious effort."

  • james_woods

    Moshe, it is about a two week job all in all. I always detail the engine compartment, repaint the cylinder heads, and go through the shock absorbers and brakes when I do this.

    Nothing on a Ferrari is particularly easy or inexpensive to service.

    Yes, an F-360 faces similar service issues - it is a mid-engine V8 instead of a flat 12 like mine, but has the synthetic timing belts which require service. I think you have to remove the engine to get at the timing belts.

    Some mid-engine Ferraris like the 328 can be serviced without removing the engine because they are traverse engine cars and have room at the side of the engine block. The later front engine V-12 cars can also be serviced without pulling the engine.

    But all of them are very expensive to service. My car is 27 years old this year, with about 27,000 miles - and next service will be the fourth time on this car.

    Pray for the scuderia.

  • Finkelstein

    " Oh God Ferrari please help James rebuild his engine, he has been a faithful and devoted one to your lordship for many years

    and has helped spread your sanctified name where ever he goes " .......Amen

    Can I ask for prayers for my hemorrhoids to be healed ?

    Just asking

  • jgnat

    Is it planned obsolescence to put timing belts where they are so hard to replace? It seems to be a fundamental design flaw to me.

  • james_woods

    Jgnat, the designers were more interested in making the car go fast than they were in how difficult it would be to service.

    For what it is worth, it is exrremely easy to replace the clutch pack - that is done from the rear of the engine and you do not even have to take the engine or transmission apart or out of the car to do it. It still costs about $2,000 though.

  • 88JM

    Awesome car. I was at the Maranello factory on my holiday 3 weeks ago. Was a bit disapppointed they didn't have any F40's anywhere. Are they out on tour or something?

    p.s. Could you also mention my humble Ford in your prayers? I'm having injector problems. I'm sure Jay Hoover knows the licence place.

  • moshe

    there is a lot to be said for cheap and easy! My 2001 Ford Truck has 238,000 miles- needs no oil added between changes and gets the same mpg as it did 10 years ago. I just installed a new set of platimum spark plugs, so it is now on it's third set since new. Your problem is not wear, it's age degredation of rubber and nylon materials- just like low mileage 10 year old tires than can blow out at any time-

  • james_woods

    They had no F-40 in the Factory Museum? I am shocked - that was the very last car Ferrari completed under the direction of Enzo Ferrari before he passed away. (Enzo refused to be given last rites by the pope, incidentally. Sort of an independent sort, he was)

    I will ask on my Ferrari website why they did not have one on display - maybe they were doing restoration? I did not think they lent out their museum cars for outside displays.

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