I need prayers about Engine Out Service on my Ferrari.

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  • Terry

    I'd sacrifice two VW bugs and a Pacer with a pinch of incense to De Lorean while prodding orangutan liver with a stick for "signs" (yes, you know who I mean!) and portents.

    If none of that sacred paraphenalia is available, well, flip a Krugerrand and call it.

  • Glander

    I recommend a little piece of black electrical tape over the warning light. Worked wonders on an old Ford I had.

  • moshe

    Maybe a rich uncle will bequeath the money you need for the engine out Service.$$$


  • james_woods

    OK - OK - OK. BTW - did you know that the 2012 Formula One Ferrari racer's official designation was F150 - like the Ford pickup truck?

    We are still researching the lack of an F40 at the museum.

    The most likely comment was that most of the museum cars are not actually owned by Ferrari - they are on loan from outside owners and collecters.

    However, all seem to agree that there is normally an F40 present for display.

  • james_woods

    OK - verification from several Ferrari owners who have visited the museum in the past.

    These cars are on loan TO the museum from various Ferrari owners and collectors.

    Normally, there is an F40, an F50, and an Enzo on display.

    The display changes from time to time as cars are moved, arrive, or depart in the displays.

    It is considered something of an honor to have your car displayed for a time there.

  • moshe
    2012 Formula One Ferrari racer's official designation was F150

    I didn't know that-

    True story from a local clerk--a customer came into our AutoZone auto parts store and asked for a part for her Ford FISO (english not her native tongue) - 'Oh you mean a Ford Fusion, replied the clerk-- No, I said a Ford FISO- clerk goes to look at the customer's car- the nameplate says F150

  • zed is dead
    zed is dead

    If you think it is expensive now, just think how much it would be if the timing belt snapped! Fix It Again, Tony.


  • tiki

    wow............put the ferrari in dry dock and get yourself a prius

  • DaCheech

    don't have a starter go on certain lexus v-8's.............. you have to remove the transmission.

    Don't have the flasher go on some 12 cylinder audi's and vw's............ the control unit is in the navigation!

    Don't let your triton engine ford go the whole 100k miles before a service (like the salesman told you) some spark plugs blow out and/or break apart during removal (yes part stays in the block)

  • DaCheech

    own a cheap vw or audi, and have to change the timing belt?

    they have to remove the front of the car to make room to work on it! $2,500-$4,000 job or so

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