Publishers Need A Background Check Before Moving To My Kingdom Hall.

by AuntConnie 78 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • AuntConnie

    Background Check First.

  • Honeybucket

    Are you retarded or something? I dont think the bus goes where you live lady

  • Crisis of Conscience
  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Facinating but nonsensical post connie


  • ABibleStudent

    Hi Connie, Is requiring a background check something that you want at the KH that you attend, or do the elders require a background check? If a background check is required by your congregation, do only the elders know the results, do JWs who have criminal records not allowed into the congregation, or is the whole congregation told of the results?

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • Honeybucket

    @ a bible student

    She made a huge list on how members of her hall need to meet her VERY high standards, if they dont, they can bugger off, Before many could read it she edited it to say what you see now. I wish I copied and pasted it to remind myself why I DONT GO TO THE HALL ANYMORE. Because of people like her

  • AuntConnie

    In the field ministry we all were giggling about filling out a application before your Publisher Card is requested. The source to trace the conduct of people without consciences. I told my husband what sisters were laughing about, he's not upset, he adds his own two-cents by saying we know how to get rid of "cling-ons publishers"my White Knight elder laughed "we got brothers and sisters who refuse to go down after five flushes. You know the shit that clings to a toilet only a scrubber will remove!" I watched when there is a concentrated effort to make life uncomfortable or make publishers feel unwelcome or hated. It's their fault they put themselves in this position, the Kingdom Hall party for everyone by invitation only(the look of disgust on the parents face and sadness of the excluded kids when their peers tell them how great the party was.), the hurt feelings are not accidental. I force myself to be around people I highly dislike and listen to a fairy tale-turned nightmare to the guillible.

  • l p
    l p


    You don't speak like a witness and you have quoted your husband and he doesnt either. If he has said the things that you have posted he should be removed as an elder.

    I dont think your positions are that good and you are certainly not above repremand according to your own beliefs.

    I'd take a break, do a retake on all the things you have posted, and if you are a serious christian i would bring your lives into line with the bibles teachings before coming to this forum and thus giving such a bad witness


  • FlyingHighNow

    Isn't an "aunt connie" what frat brothers yell to each other when the house mother is coming?

  • AuntConnie

    I am the one giving the bad witness, what about all the drunken elders and their wifes still in good standing? Do you know what "hospitality" is for our brothers in charge? May I share a secret with you? Our brothers and sisters have problems with drinking and getting drunk. Two of the pioneer sisters have no problem using a middle finger to express their anger when we shop out of town. My husband has been a elder over thirty five years, you act like I am out of control or the exception, open our eyes before condemming me!

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