If Jehovah Can Read Hearts Then WHY

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  • still thinking
    still thinking

    Apparently he's too busy making SLAVES Outlaw.

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    Every culture has its slaves to belief

    and makes slaves of their children.

  • cofty

    More "slaves of Christ".

  • still thinking
  • still thinking
    still thinking

    Personally...I thinK the word SLAVE desciribes ALL believers of ALL relgions and all gods PERFECTLY.

  • cofty

    Worshipers confuse Stockholm Syndrome for love of their god.


    If I worried about other peoples beliefs..

    There would be no time to drink beer..


    Get in the house when the bear comes in the yard..

    The cub chewed on my friggin Truck Tire..

    I really liked that tire..

    ..........................  mutley-ani1.gif ... OUTLAW

  • perfect1

    I dont think praying means youve been enslaved.

  • cofty

    Bowing does.

  • mP


    Isn't the point that Shelby has the right to 'see' herself as a 'slave' of Christ. She chooses that position. She isn't paid for what she does. She shares His messages to the 'body of Christ' unreservedly, without payments or favours. She can designate her own role exactly as she performs it. Why is there a taking of such issue with it?

    Loz x offering peace.


    But she doesnt do anything in the service to earn that title. Thats fraud, claiming a title that you have not earnt. Why doesnt she just claim shes the Queen of England ?

    When you are a Queen of a dozen countries and give peace and prosperity to your dominions then you have earnt that title. WHen you give help to the poor, healthcare, defense and so on to your subjects then you are a Queen. Without actions your claim is a joke. If anyone can call themselves "good" without earning it then the word has no value and theres no point to using it.

    If she did everybody would say shes a fraud and a joke just like her current claim here.

    If titles are thoughts and not earnt why doesnt she goto a quack who claims they are a doctor, who cares if they are actually qualified or a have a proven track rrecoord. She wants to use the title to imply she is someone obedient and works hard for her master when in actuality she does jack shit for him.

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