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by Defianttruth 52 Replies latest jw experiences

  • BlindersOff1

    Welcome. I'm being shunned by 25 family and I'm not even DFed . I know your pain .

    You will be a asset to the community .

  • cyberjesus

    Tom Leykis listener?

  • DNCall

    Bravo Defianttruth and welcome! Try to stay optimistic about your parents' seeing the light before too long. After all, it is an unsustainable religion in its present form.

  • dreamgolfer

    Welcome. where do you reside now?

  • Londo111

    Welcome aboard!

    And congrats on triumphing in the face of tragedy.

  • Hortensia

    Welcome, dear one. I couldn't read all your post. Too painful. I'm glad you got out, and that you and your wife have a happy little family.

  • love2Bworldly

    Hello. I haven't posted in a long time, over a year. Just wantedto say hi & sorry for your cruel parents. I am married to an awesome man whose parents abused him. Have you ever read a series of books, the first one called "The Child Called It"? Its a very inspiring story though hard to read at times. The man who wrote the series now travels the world doing public speaking against child abuse.

    I used to get very upset at the meetings when people would beat toddlers babies & young children for not sitting still or being quiet during long, boring, meetings. I was disfellowshipped and went back for a short time when I had my kids. The attendants at the meetings were so rude to me because I didnt have a jw husband to strong arm my kids at the meetings. If my babies started cooing instead of scolding them, I would go to the back of the meeting and rock them. People were always trying to 'help' me by telling me to spank the kids & I just ignored them.

    Anyway hope you find comfort & friends here

  • Pterist


  • clarity

    Defiant ... you are a survivor. Wow ...what's not to love about you!


    "The pain is astronomical"


    So sorry that kind of pain is in your life.

    No one ever deserves this evil punishment!

    The watchtower real estate Co. with all its made up rules ....

    needs to end!


    Glad that you found us & a big welcome to you & your family.


    Looking forward to your posts,


  • Glander


    congratulations on you survival and success.

    Your experience is easy to relate to. Thank you so mch for sharing it here.

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