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  • jgnat

    Welcome. I know a counsellor would say your choice of survival was not cowardly, but the only way for a vulnerable child. You made it. You survived.

    Your early years of idyllic childhood reminds me of Pauley Perrette's story. I saw her interview recently and she spent a good part of her childhood alone, playing in wild country. I bet you would find a lot in common with her.



  • designs

    Triumph of the human spirit, well done. All the best to you and your family.

  • PaintedToeNail

    Defiant-Wow! I'm glad you are here, we understand your pain. It is astonishing that a little child can make out the lies of the org. better than adults can. Your parents were ripe for the picking by the org., as you indicated. The 'borg' seeks out misfits, as they are prime targets for culthood, seeking acceptance. I hope you are able to find peace of mind regarding your family.

    Just a thought, maybe your wife would benefit by reading JWN, she could see the pain inflicted upon others and maybe grasp how you are feeling.


  • cofty

    Welcome, thanks for sharing your story.

  • NewYork44M

    Welcome aboard. Remember that the best revenge is to live a happy and successful life.

    It sounds like you have succeeded. Congratulations for a job well done!

  • ThisFellowCheap

    Moving, and eerily similar story with mine! And more coincidental is, we studied/study similar courses. Presently, I am doing my Masters in Mathemathical Physics. My parents really were harsh on me too, although on retrospect, here in Nigeria, it's common to be beaten as a means of discipline, I hate the cane! In fact, it was the punishments that made me a kinda atheist since I was 7, for a day I prayed to Jehovah: "Please do not allow me to be beaten today, I'd do all my best to be a good son and faithful worshipper,please!" Needless to say, I got beaten that day, so I lost faith in him. My father and mother without doubt loved me, and while they planned me to become a Bethelite, they also did all their best to give me a sound education. Even with my DFed status they are still financing my schooling. Sometimes tho', they really feel the schooling is responsible for my defection- what can I say, it is and it is not! I got baptised early, at 9, pioneered straight up and stuff, was very brilliant in academics and got scholarships . . . It's you on the spot here, so let me stop my driveling. I am a good poet too, and I write beautiful poetry. Maybe, I could write your story in a poem, if you'd allow me, would you?

  • mouthy

    So glad to have you aboard .Sorry for the pain you suffered. But thanks for sharing it.
    Maybe others reading that are doubting will have had some of the same experiences.
    And will use the BRAIN ,the thinking machine to THINK!!!!

    Thank GOD your free & using that brain in a GREAT way

  • perfect1


    Defiant, I raise a glass to you friend.

  • jeremiah18:5-10

    Welcome and great encouraging story, as far as your being able to get out while you still were relatively young and with your life ahead of you.

    I also like the title of the thread, I hear it all the time as I listen to sports radio quite often, guessing you do too.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite


    "...battling depression issues over my former abuses"

    I'm not surprised. Have you tried professional counselling?

    Don't beat yourself up over the sh!tty decisions that your family members made. You're a far better person by completely removing yourself from that toxic environment.

    It sounds like you've built a wonderful life for yourself and your family. ExJWs that go on to lead happy and productive lives make the GB very sad . And we're always pleased to welcome new people to JWN, particularly when they have big, juicy brains like yours!

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