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    Selling the product that way does not create more profitability for the manufacturers; it creates more profitability for people in the sales channel.

    >> and the problem is?

    Dateline (linked below) got an Amway higher up to admit that some of their elite distributors make over 75% of their income, not from selling these supposedly great products, but from the motivation business: "Seminars, rallies, functions, motivational tools, tapes, books, speaking engagements, appearances."

    >> so what. If theres a demand .... Supply it and make money. Thats how business is.

    They are basically making money selling the motivation product to their own salespeople. You demonize working for someone else,

    >> i dont... I just preffer to be in control of my paycheck. I lost so much time with dreams of eternal life. Life is short... The faster i achieve my goals the better

    but with the rate of success that seems common from all accounts, if you have the killer work ethic you are describing and don't mind making no money for a few years, you might as well go work in the mailroom of some large corporation.

    >> sure lets see how much time it takes and how far you can get and for how many people is available.... Me i already found the fastest path if you work hard and have initiative.

    Maybe you'll eventually get promoted to VP of something and make 7 figures. And at least in the early years you'll have health coverage and won't have to pay lot of money to your own company for them to train you.

    >>> i have own 3 successful business in 2 countries. I know i will reach 7 figure income in no more than 2 years.. I should hit 6 figures in less than 12 months... Its happening already.

    Dont let the negative attitude of many infect your own dreams....

  • cyberjesus

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