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  • james_woods

    The simple truth about MLM is this:

    If the products were such a damn good value for the money, you would be buying them off the shelf at the grocery store.

    The low-level MLM people would not have to push them on you all the time.

    Remind anyone of the Watchtower magazine?

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    CJ you have a PM

  • NeverKnew

    My BF (or ex-BF - not sure today) is in TWO!

    One is some weightloss milkshake stuff and the other is a "use this to advertise your MLM" mlm.

    Oh wait... he's in three... he's a JW. *sigh*

  • james_woods

    NeverKnew - I am going to hazard a guess that this is soon to be an ex-boyfriend.

    Three strikes, and you are out.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Got a question Who on here has tried network/MLM? What was your experience? How much money did you lose? How much did you make?

  • NeverKnew

    Well, James, you just MAY be right! Not upset today... still new.

  • cyberjesus

    Sorry Cyberjesus. You're a shithead. MLMs and pyramid schemes are awful things designed to sell snake oil and extract money from suckers.

    i am... thats the better you can do? why not focusing on real facts? Why am i exactly a shithead?

  • Finkelstein

    Amway has actually surrounded the business with a religious flare to make the company look all honest and appealing.


    Kind of reminds of the Watchtower Corporation, exploiting religious virtue to commercialize a publishing house and its published goods.

  • NeverKnew

    DF: I dated a guy who was an Executive Director of a network marketing phone card company. In that company, it was the top level. OH, he had the story (you have to have a story about being tired of your job you quit)... and the law degree (you could be successful ANYwhere, but you choose this path)... and the real estate holdings (yeah... about that bankruptcy) blah blah blah... We travelled to places like Maui, Hawaii and Florida on company expense paid trips since he was at the top level of the company. I, too was involved with the company.

    The meetings after the meetings? ... downright cruel to people who were really sincerely trying. I listened as deals were made and downlines were traded to build one up and take from another. I listened as suggestions to build one leg fully and THEN the other were made to "adherents" while the uplines built legs together. The facade is that you'll be able to sit around on your butt and the money will just come pouring in... NOT!!!!! You own a job.

    Let's see. If my memory serves me correctly:

    Monday: Make reminder calls to potentials for the Tuesday night call

    Tuesday: Call the people you couldn't reach Monday to remind them to be on the call. After the national call, call your house party host to encourage THEM to make reminder calls for their Wednesday party and then their Saturday party. Stay on phone to demonstrate what they should and should not say and how to respond to criticism.

    Wednesday: House party

    Thursday: Hotel meeting

    Friday: Call downline leaders and confirm weekend plans

    Saturday: Attend three 2 hour house parties in your downline to ensure their motivation.

    Sunday: Try and squeeze two get-togethers for signing up & misc.

    Then? I drove a 7 year old 5 Series BMW that my w-2 income and credit score allowed for and that people oooed and awwed about... Let's just say the time invested into the company and travelling expenses was, in no way, covered by the pittance earned. I did not feel free at all....

    Just my opinion....

    Now, I drive a 2013 Benz and own rental property. The rental property requires a trip to pick up my checks and a trip to the bank once a month. If there's a problem, I meet someone to fix it.

    Now THAT'S life. :)

  • Chaserious

    "how many times a day do you see a coke add in the day? a lot of advertsing makes it a cult? i am thinking you dont have a business. i think you are an employee and work for salary... am i right?"

    I bet that the CEO of Coca Cola, or even the employees or middle managers for that matter, don't harrass their friends on social occassions trying to convince them that Coca Cola is what they need, and asking them if they want to buy a bottle of Coke right now. Like being in the WTS, joining a MLM can have a negative social impact. A lot of sales are made, not because the customer genuinely wants the product, but because they don't want to say no to a friend or acquaintance, or they are tired of saying no to aggressive sales pitches. Eventually Salesman X gets a reputation that if you hang with X, he is going to push (insert MLM product here) on you.

    Also, you are right, I don't own a business. I am not going to get in a pissing match, but I will say that I'm certain that from a career perspective I would not want to switch positions with the vast majority of people involved in MLM schemes.

    "yeah earning a 250k bonus is stupid..... those stupid people who earn those stupid bonuses... they are so stupid that they earn them and i actually know someone who know someone.... they are soooo stupid.... i understand you... i got a stupid lexus... it sooo stupid i tell you... and driving it is stupid too..."

    Actually, as I understand it, they give you a ring if you earn more than $100k, $250k, etc. in regular income, so it's not a $250k bonus. This is all part of trying to lure you in. They prop up these couple of people across the country who earn six figures and make you think anyone can do it, when probably over 99% of sales reps won't get close.

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