Do you know where you gun is?

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    I have always been a supporter of gun rights, although I am not a major gun owner. I have a few guns, all of which were purchased many years ago, before I turned 25. I had purchased one more gun in my late 20s, a 9mm semi auto pistol. I bought that gun in response to death threats I was regularly receiving in connection with my work, and began carrying it in my briefcase and in my car, on a regular basis.

    A few years after I bought the 9mm handgun, I started my own business, with offices located in a rather remote area not too far away from gangland. One Monday morning, I came to work, and my offices had been broken into (as well as the offices of others in our industrial park) and my 9mm handgun had been stolen.

    I didn't care about losing the $500 or so that the gun cost me. My first thought was that my gun was probably in the hands of some dirtbag who would either use it for criminal purposes or sell it to someone who would do so. I felt horrible and because of the experience, I never bought another gun.

    Folks who are not from the US (Hello Simon!) have difficulty understanding the realities of the gun culture that exists in the US. Guns will never be made illegal in the US. Period. But they can be regulated, and some are calling for a variety of measures to effect change. What I have seen in the past are politicians who curry favor with their constituents by devising laws that appear to be likely to make a difference, but which in reality are relatively useless laws passed to make the lawmakers appear to be doing something.

    I do not have the answers to the problem of gun violence in the USA, but I think that guns must be regulated here, and that regulation should be applied at the federal level to prevent a person who can't buy a gun in California from buying one in a neighboring state, like Nevada, and using it to commit a crime in California. Magazine capacity restrictions might serve to reduce the number of casualties when a whacko like Adam Lanza gets a gun, but there are many ways around them, and the internet is full of information on just how to do this. I don't think a magazine restriction would have been likely to reduce the death rate in the Newton massacre. Lanza had several guns, each of which were quite lethal. If his magazines were limited to 10 rounds each, he could have taped them together so that they can easily be flipped over and another 10 shots is then available. Also, he could have carried additional magazines.

    Adam Lanza should never have had any access to guns, given his mental state. His mother was irresponsible for allowing him to have access to her guns, and she will probably be held liable by the courts in Connecticut for negligent entrustment, and the assets of her estate will be used to pay some of the resulting judgments, instead of passing to Adam's older brother.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    In a gun safe.

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    In my pants.


  • wha happened?
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    simon, you would be surprised how much warning you get sometimes. a wifes mentally derranged x husband shoots a late night text that he is coming. a stepson comes clean that he incurred a debt to the mafia that he can not pay..and for what the second amendment was written oppresive government loses the consent to govern and the people decide to remove said government by force. those scenarios are usually enough time to unlock a safe. i agree with the point of this thread. regardless of your reason for owning firearms they should be stored and locked away properly as dangerous weapons.

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    Given the provisions of the U.S. Constitution, I don't know what the solution to situations like this is (peace to you all!), but I am going to take this opportunity to share something that perhaps those of you who have guns in the home can share with your small children to perhaps help them avoid ANY potential dangers in the home. I wrote it some years ago after I read about a 6-year-old taking a gun to school and "accidentally" fatally shooting a 6-year-old classmate. At first I thought, "How could this HAPPEN?" I worked in low-income housing and was overseeing several low-income housing properties at the time, though... and after coming to my senses I knew how it could happen: lack of educating children as to what is truly dangerous in the home, including but not limited to guns. Maybe one day someone with small children in their lives will find it helpful.

    I hope you enjoy it. If I am out of line in posting it, please forgive - I am not trying to garner attention but only to possibly help a child somewhere... anywhere... stay out of harm's way.

    Again, peace to you all!

    A slave of Christ,



    In everyone's house I know there are some places

    Some cabinets, some cupboards, some closets, some spaces

    Where young ones like you and me must NEVER go

    We MUSN’T go in there, we shouldn't - OH, NO!

    In my house those places my parents have shown me

    They took me to each one and showed me and told me

    "There's danger in there for a small one like you

    So we're going to show you what you must NEVER do!

    We're going to show you

    What you must never touch.

    We don't want to alarm you,

    ‘Cause we love you SO MUCH!"

    The kitchen was first, for good reason I think

    And the first place they showed me was under the sink

    They opened the doors and to my great surprise

    There were bottles and boxes and things of all size!

    “These things are for cleaning," said Mother right out

    “They're NEVER for eating or drinking, no doubt!

    So you must NEVER touch them, I'm trying to warn you

    For they can cause danger, and hurt you or harm you."

    I looked at the bottles, which seemed harmless enough

    "They're all filled with poison," said Father, "BAD STUFF!

    For little ones like you to put into your mouth

    They'll make you REAL SICK, quite a terrible bout!"

    The next thing we saw was the stove and the oven

    They were bright, shiny, clean, with some interesting buttons

    "Those buttons," said Mother, "You must NEVER touch!

    We don't want to alarm you, but we love you SO MUCH!"

    "You see, Son," said Father, "The stove is for cooking

    For frying and boiling; for roasting and baking

    The top is for pots that get HOT on the burners

    The inside's for pans that get HOT under broilers”

    “If you were to touch them great harm would be there

    You might lose your fingers, your skin or your hair!

    You might get burned badly, so don't EVER touch!

    We don't want to alarm you, 'but we love you SO MUCH!"

    (One place in the kitchen was the garbage disposal:

    A hole in one side of the sink.

    It works by a switch that looks JUST LIKE the lights!

    "A mistake!" said Mom, "If you don't think!")

    Next was the bathroom, but I was confused

    What could harm me in here? What could cause me some blues?

    I saw only the toilet, the tub and the sink

    Hey, I LOVE taking baths! (They're mistaken, I think!)

    Then Father turned on the bath water - REAL HOT!

    "You must NEVER touch this," said Father, "DO NOT!

    Hot water can burn you, and make you REAL SICK!

    (And don't play in the toilet: it's dirty and ick!)"

    Up over the sink was a cupboard and mirror

    "Now this is REAL important," said Mother, "Come nearer...

    You see in this cabinet are lotions and pills

    And medicines to take when someone becomes ill."

    I looked where she told me and to my GREAT surprise

    Were MORE bottles and boxes but smaller in size

    There were brown ones and clear ones, and blue ones and pink

    I never KNEW so much stuff was up over our sink!

    As I reached for a pink jar, I cried out, "Hey, candy!"

    "Oh, NO!!" said my Mother, and grabbed my hand quickly

    "You must NEVER touch anything that's in here

    For a BAD tummy ache's what awaits you, my dear!

    “Medicine is NOT candy; it is NOT to be eaten

    By young ones like you when their mommies can't see them

    It's ONLY to be taken when you're sick with some stuff

    We don't want to alarm you, but we love you SO MUCH!"

    And under the sink, WOW, more bottles and boxes

    And things for like washing the dog and Mom's stockings

    There's not much down here for a small one like me

    So on to another room 'cause there's much more to see.

    We went to my parent's room and Father sat down

    With me on his knee, on his face a stern frown

    "Now, little one, you must NEVER go into our closet

    Our cupboard or dresser without our permission.”

    “And there are NO times

    When this shouldn't be such

    We don't want to alarm you

    We just love you SO MUCH!"

    (Now, I don't really know what's in my parents' bedroom

    What's in their closet or dresser, their cupboard or bathroom

    But there's two things I DO know and of both I am certain:

    My parents love me and I love them... so, I'll listen.)

    The last place we went was the tool shed outside

    Where even I know danger lurks, safety hides

    There are tools EVERYWHERE and some things that are old

    So I won’t go in there – I am just not that bold.

    But in case YOU are wondering

    I will show you what I know

    Is in the tool shed but off limits

    (My Dad said so).

    First, the water heater's out there (‘least, it is in our house)

    And the bottom is HOT and will BURN you -- KEEP OUT!

    There are tools there that are made for mowing and cutting

    But stay FAR AWAY from them ‘cause to touch them is nutty!

    ‘Cause some of them have blades,

    So they're really quite SHARP!

    And if you don't take care here

    Then you're really not smart.

    The things that are old could fall down hard upon you

    So don't play with them, ‘cause they really could harm you

    The things that are only to be used with the car

    Are not toys at all and your car won't go far

    So now that you know what's unsafe in MY house

    You must go through yours, too; your folks will help out.

    Just ask them to show you where you MUSTN'T go

    What you MUSTN'T touch - AND WHY - you should know.

    And they will, 'cause they love you

    And want you to take care.

    They just don't want you to go in there


    Copyright 1999-2012 R.ChelleAnguiano. All rights reserved.

  • mrquik

    I carry a Beretta 32 pistol. Nice gun. Has enough knock down power while being easily carried in one's pocket. (I have personally been shot by a 22 caliber rifle. The perp shot me throught the leg. Had a surprised look on his face when I didn't fall over. I was on top of him as he was trying to stuff a second round in a bolt action rifle.) All other guns are locked up in a secure area only known to me. Ammunition is there as well.

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    breakfast of champions

    All of my guns are at dad's house.

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