School Shooting - God

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  • Christ Alone
    Christ Alone

    Then you might want to get some psychological help, ES.

    No it's not a happy time for those parents. But at least they can have some hope of seeing their children again and knowing that their children did not go out of existence forever. Atheist? No hope. They've seen their children for the last time.

    Christians are to value life, and hence would not take their own life. Nor would they " send some kids to see their "loving god"". We have hope after we have died. It's not about us sending anyone (inluding ourselves) anywhere.

    But if you're happy in knowing that those kids are dead for all time, then fine. If you're happy knowing that when your kids die they will be forever dead as well, fine. But it doesn't seem like a very happy existence to me. Especially knowing that at any moment some wack job could do the same to either you or your kids.

  • sabastious
    If I was a christian and someone murdered my kids and sent them to heaven with god, then I would kill myself so I could be with my kids again.

    That's a beautiful sentiment! You are a loving father.


  • snare&racket

    Christ Alone... you have hit new levels of low.... seriously leave it alone. It would be comforting to imagine them all reincarnated as butterflys, but you dont believe that paticular pile of scrolls from ancient history. We just dont believe the nonsense in your 'holy' book of disgusting doctrines.

    This is one of the most heart wrenching events in American history. It just makes you feel so helpless to hear this kind of thing hey.

  • Christ Alone
    Christ Alone

    Christ Alone... you have hit new levels of low

    Stating the reality of the atheist postion angers you, does it? Don't like it when your rejection of any hope after life is put in real terms in real situation? The "reality" that these children are gone forever? The children that woke up this morning for school and will never been seen again?

    Stating THAT hits home?!? That's not a new low. The atheists here debate and debate and talk about how HAPPY and FREEEEEE they are now that they've gotten rid of belief.

    My point is that it's NOT a happy position, especially when a tragedy occurs. And bringing up the reality of that position is not a new low. I'm sorry that no one has the guts to say it like it is. But I do.

    YOU HAVE NO HOPE! Nothing. You die, that's it. And god forbid a loved one dies before thier time. But at least you can know that you were right! You have the facts and there is no hope for them!

    That's a new low?

    We just dont believe the nonsense in your 'holy' book of disgusting doctrines.

    Personally I think that the atheist doctrine of NOTHING is what is disgusting. I'm sorry. I usually don't get worked up like this, but it angers me. And you would be happy to talk to one of those parents and if asked if there was hope for their baby in heaven, you would tell them no. No hope. Just memories of them. That's the only place where their babies will live on. THAT is disgusting. My belief that those children are alive and well with their Father in heaven is absolutely NOT disgusting.

  • sd-7

    Well, blaming God is only relevant if you believe God is real. If you don't, then it's not.

    As much as it's making me revert to old JW form, my belief on this is, if God is real, then God is not Superman. He's not going to swoop in and stop bad things from happening. If he was that kind of God, the Bible stories wouldn't even exist, because he would've stopped Adam and Eve from eating the fruit--or just executed them on the spot. Or let their kids be born perfect with a similar fruit-in-the-middle-don't-eat-it command laid on them. Or something else. Ultimately, these are man's problems and man has to solve them.

    Whatever the case, I would find it difficult to comprehend a god of love who could watch things like this happening all over the Earth and not get involved. He'd have to have a hell of a lot of self-control, that's for sure. Either way, it's not his job to save us from ourselves; presumably the only job he took on was to save us from sin, and with that done, all the rest can be fixed in the end anyway. Maybe from Godview, all of this stuff is a drop in the ocean of time...just a thought.


  • unstopableravens

    bottom line all of us whatever your theology are hurting,we have to face the fact that we dont live in a safe world,we need to protect our familys, and what sucks is you cant be with your kids 24 hrs a day. please lets keep the attacks for another day,there been to much hurt.

  • Christ Alone
    Christ Alone

    True, unstop. I'm done.

  • simon17

    Do we have to really squabble over whether god should have/will in the future help the victims? It does nothing. Let's just be sad for a horrible things that happened.

  • l p
    l p

    I completely agree with the posts from Theocratic sedition, sir8 and snare& racket...

    Those god sympathists are completely deluded....

    its simple..... according to their own principle i.e. we are made in gods image


    if the people at the top...have the power such as Hitler...are instigating crimes against people are responsible and charged with crimes against humanity....then god that is all powerful to stop attrocious crimes or events from befalling humans but refuses to do so is responsible by an 'act of omission'. It can be reasoned that in law the act of omission can be the same as inflicting the event on the individual...

    therefore god has the power to stop it...... but he doesn't he is responsible for it......therefore he should be charged with crimes against humanity due to the far reaching effects of bad things that happen to people and the sheer number of people that suffer all over this earth that he refuses to prevent....

    charge him i say....

    anyone think that the international court would be able to take god to court and have him charged with crimes against humanity????

    i think the outcome of such a case would find him 'missing in (not action) but INACTION...thus the conclusion would be that he is dead (non existant) like other missing persons for periiods of time


  • cantleave

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