School Shooting - God

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  • Christ Alone
    Christ Alone

    Is God able and willing? Yes. Then whence comes evil? Us.

  • AGuest

    I'm trying to think (peace to you all!): if something similar happened to one of my children, as anguished, angered, sad, mad, and disgusted as I would feel... which would I rather hear? Given what I understand, for me it wouldn't be either: the atheist POV (they're gone forever)... or the "christian" view (they've gone to be with God in heaven). But it's NOT me... and unlike my former way of handling these things ala WTBTS... I think the best thing is that if one cannot tell a parent who is in such a situation what that parent wants/NEEDS to hear at a time like this (which could be either, the atheist POV or the "christian" POV... or none of these - what of any Jewish or other folks affected??)... one should just say something along the lines of:

    "I am SO sorry! HOW can help? Is there anything YOU need/anything I can do [for you]?"

    Anything beyond that, regardless of one's faith, belief, religion, lack thereof, whatever... is not only unkind and unloving... it's absurd, even ridiculous.

    Using situations like this to "fight" about/over God/religion/faith/belief, etc... is SO WTBTS.

    I hope those that are doing it are also considering... seriously and honestly... their own relationships with their own children.


    A slave of Christ,


  • Christ Alone
    Christ Alone

    A very valid and needed jab to my side, Shelby.

  • John_Mann

    "These kids are now with their loving God, and are not sad at all. They are in a wonderful place right now, seeing more amazing things and meeting more amazing people than any of us ever have. "

    BIZARRE! We could be thankful to the gunman in this way of thinking. Sick!

  • MrFreeze

    Mike Huckabee said it was a lack of god in schools that leads to these shootings. And he said that in response to the shooting.

  • Glander

    At a time like this, a lot of frustration comes out in the form of deeply felt emotional convictions. Unfortunately, they do not hold the solution to preventing these horrors.

    There is an answer, but it would involve the entire evolution of western society in respect to everything from entertainment to mental health screening and action to prevent young people from regarding human life as worthless, including their own.

    Right now these incidents fall in the category of suicide terrorist attacks on innocents.

    We must start guarding our schools as we do our courts and transportation points.

  • Pterist

    **** God didn't stop this from happing*****

    God did not stop you from making this statement either.

    *** How can someone believe that god is real?***

    If he is NOT, then why blame a non existant person/entity?..

    Jobs friends accused Job of being evil, because God does not allow bad things to happen to good Job you are bad.....

    Job insisted he was righteousness and accused God of allowing the bad to go unpunished and the good to suffer.

    God asked Job for the same courtesy, if Job is not bad despite the norms of reaping what you sow, why is God assumed bad based on the same norms....Can there be more variables in the equation ?

  • Pterist


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  • Berengaria

    Oh good grief! I heard this on FOX NEWS today!!!

  • james_woods

    Beks - you are becoming more well balanced!

    You listened to FOX NEWS!

    (** admits that - as cute as she is in her little anti culture way - I cannot stand Rachel Maddow **)

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