What rumors have you heard about yourself since leaving?

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  • cofty

    We drove around in Halloween costumes (nope...we walked) - mythreesons


  • d

    I let college ruin my sprituality according to some, this is very untrue.

  • finally awake
    finally awake

    I have no idea what the dubs are saying about me. Since we don't have any family in the borg locally, I have no source for gossip. Not one of the local dubs has said anything more than the briefest of hellos to me since I stopped going to meetings.

  • d

    bump for more good comments.

  • label licker
    label licker

    1. The reason why we left the last hall was because we were questioning the fds.

    2. We're apostates and are reading apostate material.

    3. We are marked but it's ok to say hi on the streets that we're not disassociated of df'd YET.

    4. Others that are seen talking to us are questioned as to what we are talking about. I was seen talking to a brother outside a store in broad daylight and two elders approached the guys wife while he was at work telling her that we were seen together alone. She told them she didn't want to hear the gossip. Pretty disgusting if you ask me but we're the ones accused of being critical thinkers and negative.

  • ÁrbolesdeArabia

    I allowed myself to get stumbled because I did not wait upon Jehovah to take care of business. I waited forty plus years and decided I should try to take the situation into my own hand, nothing worked because the Organization did a great job in covering over the truth and still scored too!

  • Defianttruth

    1. I joined the military. (I was told this to my face). I have a full beard and long hair.

    2. I was homeless and on drugs. I can look the part for that, but the funny thing is I'm moderately successful. It goes to show the JW mind set of how an individual dresses and the correlation to life success. It makes me laugh at the business dress rule. I own a medium sized small business and I wear a suit about 1 percent of the time. The elders are on disability or wash windows and they wear suits 50 percent of the time.

    3. I had fathered many children I do not care for. I don't know where that came from.

    4. I am cruel to my family jw or not. That's kinda half true. I just don't like them. I get along with my wife's family better, but the list of people I've been cruel to is short. It goes against my personality.

    5. I cheat on my wife and past girlfriends. I've never cheated on my wife. It never took me long to get over an ex though. I guess that's where that rumor started.

    6. I'm involved in organized crime. I gave the teller of that rumor an ominous frown and said I couldn't talk about any of that. I laughed pretty hard after he left.

    7. I am abusive to my wife and children. That one is really funny. I'm the biggest softy the world has ever seen.

    8. I have a drinking problem. I drink about a beer a week on average.

    9. I am a baptist preacher. Really? That's the best they can come up with.

    10. I owned a strip club in New Orleans. Even though I've only been there a hand full of times and never to a strip club.

    What worries me is these are the ones I've heard. I wonder how many more there are. It seems I am far more interesting in Jw gossip than in real life.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I did hear that I was terribly "stumbled" by some stupid disagreement with the body of elders, and that my pride wouldn't let me remain as a regular member, but that I still believe it's the truth.

    I suppose some have to believe that those that leave still believe.

  • StAnn

    What rumors HAVEN'T I heard about myself? The thing now is that I'm a notorious "apostate." There was a woman who had just started studying with one of the JDubs from my mom's KH and I told her my experience to convince her to end her study. She did end her study after all. (Yay!) Imagine what my mom went through, when one of her spawn had ruined someone else's Bible study!

    I think I've been DF'd but I don't know. Nobody ever told me. Some elders came to my door and I told them this: That I had become Catholic but appreciated their visit. That we are all equal in God's eyes, problem is we don't always act like it. I wished them success and then I left for work. All hell broke loose in my family after that and people started giving me looks at restaurants, etc.

    My dad told me that I wrote a hateful letter to the "brothers" at the KH. Guess it was Sybil-Me because I wouldn't have agreed to their little piss ant rule of writing a letter to disassociate myself. As I said, we're all God's children in my eyes.

  • ÁrbolesdeArabia

    The padded line the elders are taught by the Watchtower Organization is to focus on pride because it's the easy one to pull the wool over the basic witnesses head.

    Brother David had too much pride and refused to follow the lifesaving advice the FDS through the elder body was giving him.

    Satan is sifting through everyone, that's why we must attend all meetings and get full-time hours in the Ministry or we will end up like Brother Ben.

    Sister Sally was not content with all the rich spiritual feast the Slave provided her, instead she started to read scholarly books and was tricked by those educated men, remember that Jesus picked unlettered and ignorant servants to follow him.

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