What rumors have you heard about yourself since leaving?

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  • Kool Jo
    Kool Jo

    I chose a job that requires a lot of travel (within and outside my country)....this is good for my fade, but I've heard that "Bro Kool Jo doesn't love Jehovah that much if he chose to a job where's he away from spiritual activities"...

  • simon17

    When I was fading in a different congregation, slowly trying to cut back but still unable to cut the cord, I heard that at a party several friends, elders, and parents were discussing sadly how I had stopped going to meetings and how sad they were about it.

    I heard about it about 3 weeks after it happened and everyone was still basically talking to me so I said "screw this, I guess i can stop going!"

    And I never went again! Ha.

  • sd-7

    The most I ever heard was that I'd put braids in my hair, but that was because a random non-JW sat next to my mom during a meeting and someone mistook him for me. But I think the Mrs. has a picture of me on her FB page now, so...there can be no doubts as to what my appearance is now, beard and all...it is time for a shave, though. Gotta do the Tony Stark goatee again. I miss it.

    Anyway, I don't hear a lot of rumors of that sort. I guess since my mom sees me often enough due to the grandkids, she at least knows I'm just going to work and comin' home, reading a lot of books, and that's about as unusual as it's gotten. I'm glad, though--too many rumors floating in that congregation anyway. I always hated that gossip stuff.


  • hellenback

    I went to work in Turkey for a few months & wife dumped me then. I forced the issue though when she said if you come back you need to be more active in the service blah blah. Then finally 6 years later I had to admit to adultery so she would divorce me. So I know I would have been getting dissed for at least 5 of those years. I am happier than ever though now with a lovely woman who can think for herself.

  • donny

    Great responses all! I had a great laugh reading some of your accounts.

    @ NewChapter - They no longer announce DA's or DF's? How does the congregation know to shun you?

  • simon17

    They no longer announce DA's or DF's? How does the congregation know to shun you?

    She means that they no longer distinguish in the announcement between whether one left voluntarily (DA) or was forced out due to sin (DF) so no one really knows.

  • mythreesons

    Here is the rumors about my wife and I:

    'I'm weak...and didn't want to stand up to my 'Apostate' wife'

    'They were offended by the elders'

    They went off the deep end

    They joined a church

    They started a new church

    They just disappeared

    They are having marriage troubles (never true)

    They started their own 'Anti JW' group

    Ever since I came back from Bethel they could tell 'something was different about him' - (after bethel...I was a 'true believer' still for the next 12 years...and a M.S. and Elder...I truly believed!)

    He never made the truth his own

    It was never in his heart

    They have demon problems (my mom started that one)

    He has problems with the organization...(this one is TRUE) lol

    It all started because my wife read 'Twilight'! That's a gateway to the demons. smh

    I always had a free spirit and didn't respect authority

    I disassociated myself...(which I didn't)

    We drove around in Halloween costumes (nope...we walked)

    'We act like nothing is wrong when we see people from the hall...that shows how bold you get when you leave Jehovah'

    Celebrate the holidays (true)

    That one Assembly I was giving the baptism talk and just walked off the stage and never returned...(not true...but I wish it was)

    That's just in the last 2 years from what I've heard...LOL GEEZ!

  • cobaltcupcake

    Oh yeah, I forgot the one my brother tells people "He is an atheist because he is angry at god." WTF ...how does that work?

    I dont believe in unicorns because they upset me one time....

    S&R - LOL!!!

  • NewChapter

    @ NewChapter - They no longer announce DA's or DF's? How does the congregation know to shun you?

    They would have only announced, "New Chapter is no longer one of Jehovah's Witnesses". They used to announce if it was DF or DA. Now people aren't supposed to know. But they do end up knowing. They are so much more shocked by a DA, and I'm pretty sure that info is whispered to elders' wives' ears in order for the wives to blast it in the car group.s

    I remember we had a double DA announcement once! MAN that was exciting!

  • nugget

    I never speak to anyone from my old congregation and have no idea what they have said about me. They probably haven't noticed I have gone.

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