What rumors have you heard about yourself since leaving?

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  • donny

    Good morning all,

    I have had the opportunity over the last couple of years to speak with a couple of JW's who had either attended the same congregation I did or were married to someone who to the same one. For the record, I disassociated myself in 1992 due to being followed around by an elder or two who had heard that I had Ray Franz's "Crisis of Conscience" in my possession.

    Here is what I have been told.

    1. I forced my family to sit in a locked room while I read aloud apostate propaganda.

    2. I decided that visiting gentlemen’s clubs and other places of ill repute were more important than serving Jehovah. (for the record, I have visited a gentlemen'c club 3 times in my life)

    3. I wanted to start my own religion so I could control folks.

    4. A demon entered me causing me to have urges to hurt or kill Jehovah's people.

    I found these quite humorous and it just reminded me how the JW gossip machine gets going once someone leaves or is disfellowshipped.

    What rumors have you heard about yourself since your enlightenment?


  • cantleave

    A demon entered me causing me to have urges to hurt or kill Jehovah's people

    I want people to say that about me!!!!

  • cedars

    I want people to say that about me!!!!

    Having met cantleave in person, I can confirm to any that may be wondering that he is in fact posessed by Beelzebub!!

    He's a very nice man though.


  • Kojack57

    I've been called a DEMON.


  • minimus

    I must have loved the world and materialism.

  • Fernando

    The "publishers of the Good News" view me as an apostate (spiritually unfaithful person) for pursuing the Good News.

    Go figure...

  • Phizzy

    It is always something wrong with the person who has left, it can never be something wrong with the WT.

    So, they have to invent stuff, I had the "He has left to start his own religion" where did that come from ? (Good money making scam though, might try it).

    The more insidious half-truth was "Oh he just has issues about the Governing Body", that is of course true, but the guy that passed that gem on knew full well I called in to question many other things too, the 1919 appointment was just the last thing I asked him to prove to me, I'm still waiting, its been years.

    It's certainly true that "Cults shoot their wounded", they have to make sure we cannot speak TTATT to them, hence the need for rumours., (Lies).

  • blondie

    That I stopped going to the meetings because I was offended by the sins of other jws, saying it was just a personality difference.

  • ohiocowboy

    I heard that I had my ears pierced and wore earrings, which I never did.

    My Parents told people at the hall that I had died, and I still get people contacting me on facebook saying how amazed and shocked they are that I am really alive. Some of the rumours were that I had been killed, and others thought that I had died from AIDS.

    JW's Looooove to gossip!!! It's one thing that they are incredibly good at.

  • Emma

    So complete was the shunning when I was merely missing meetings and inactive that I didn't hear any rumors! At an "intervention" my sister's staged under lying pretenses, I was told I must have done something bad and I needed to confess to the elders so I could come back. I was stunned! The worst thing I could have done, according to them, was read CoC; adultery would have been better, maybe even murder. I told them I wouldn't have known where to get apostate literature if I'd wanted to.

    I made them mad enough to raise their voices by my refusal to participate that people in the restaurant began looking over at us. Still raises my blood pressure to think about it!

    It would have been interesting to know what the congregation was saying about us.

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