What rumors have you heard about yourself since leaving?

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  • NewChapter
    No one, 'absolutely no one,' can leave the organization and have any amount of respect or good name among JWs. They have to make you a "demon," to justify your leaving.

    EXACTLY! We are fair game, and there is no way to fact check even if they wanted to, cuz they can't ask us. I don't know what rumors are flying about, but I could take some guesses, and they may be fairly accurate. I remembered one particular 'apostate' that I heard about 20 years before I met him. I found him here, and so went to see him. OMFSM! A COMPLETELY different person as had been portrayed to me for years. His reasons for leaving were completely misrepresented, and if the gossipers knew the truth of the matter, they'd be very ashamed.

    I wrote a DA letter in October, but since they no longer announce DA or DF, I'm not sure how many realize it was my choice. I suspect this get's put into the gossip mill one way or the other.

    LOL. I can just see the sisters now, discussing all the things I might have said or done, and what they REALLY meant, and tying to discern just when the demon entered my life. LOL

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    We're isolating ourselves. (I guess we are isolating ourselves form the JWs, so that's true)

    I got tired of the friends in the congregation. (yes that's true also)

    If you see us out and about we act like nothing's wrong. (yes again, you idiots, because there is nothing wrong)

    We would love for the gossip to get really juicy. But so far, nothing scandalous. Still waiting.....

  • snare&racket

    I am mentally diseased is probably the worst I can think of.....

    I heard lots of things from being gay...I was single and older than 20 - must be an 'uphill gardener'... to wanting an excuse to leave so I could go to University.Of course within all that were comments such as Satan was helping me pass exams... HIGH 5 B-BUB

    I spoke to one elder, one alone and told him why I was leaving. It was all based on theology apart from one part... the stock they owned in a military company. He was even nice to me. But within 6months people told me he was telling everyone at a quick build I was the devil and had crazy ideas. Yeah like "At the moment, I think the JW's may be wrong" ...nice of him to keep his legally required confidentiality about my spiritual concerns.

    Goodness knows what people think of me and what they were told. Dont really care, its all bollocks so it doesnt even cross my mind anymore.



    My Mom told me I was the "Son of Satan"..


    My Mom had Sex with Satan??!!..

    ............................  mutley-ani1.gif ...OUTLAW

  • notjustyet

    I agree, they have to settle their minds with the thought that there is something wrong with us. Otherwise, leaving could be justified and we know that the WTBTS cannot let that thought come up into the minds of the sheeple.


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    and if you held a position or was well known. They will follow and df u. They don't like loose ends. Happened to a friend of mine. He was inactive for some time, but well known in the circuit. They chased him down on apostasy charges and he was df'd

  • snare&racket

    Oh yeah, I forgot the one my brother tells people "He is an atheist because he is angry at god." WTF ...how does that work?

    I dont believe in unicorns because they upset me one time....

  • LisaRose

    It was said that I left my husband to marry a guy I knew in High school 28 years before........actually that part was true. It was not true that I was unfaithful while we were together. I was leaving anyway, and told my husband I wanted a divorce as soon as I realized it was even a remote possibility of a relationship. My ex was disfellowshipped, but his JW parents believed everything he said. I didn't care, I knew he was happy to have an excuse to blame me the divorce on me. Never mind the fact he couldn't keep a job, drank heavy and had zero interest in being a husband, it was all my fault. He even referred to me (to our children) as your mother the "word for a prostitute that rhymes with bore" . It didn't bother me, I was just glad to be rid of him, and my kids were adults and knew the truth. I have a great relationship with my kids, while they can hardly stand to be around him.

  • jookbeard

    great thread, I had all the usual rumours; completely demonically possessed, eyes were possessed, was on a 1 man crusade to see how many he could remove from the "Truth", was day in night out completely terrorising his wife's spirituality, and I believe I got this one " was standing in an demonically induced coma over his wife while she slept chanting demonic words and language foaming at the mouth etc" anyone get that one?

    aren't they just the craziest people?

  • jam

    He had a mental breakdown from time served in Vietnam,

    he turn too the dark side.

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