Anyone else like to sew??? What kind of Machine do you use???

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  • FlyingHighNow

    Clarity, the flags are made from silk and lame'. We cut them out with an electric knife sort of thing that looks like a woodburning tool. That speeds up the cutting process a lot.

    Notice that Jenison Marching Band has brand new uniforms for the Joan show. The ones used in the Tempest's Fury show were 11 years old. I purchased Julian's jacket for him to have a momento.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Here is a fan made video of JMB performing Joan in the semi finals for Bands of America Grand Nationals last month at Lucas Oil Field in Indianapolis.

    You can see all four changes of costume for the guard and of course the gorgeous flags. I recommend watching this at FULL screen.

    Of special note. Look at how the guard uses the fire flags to portray the burning of Joan at the stake. And of course the stake prop and fire its self. It has been the buzz of the marching band world this season.

  • ohiocowboy

    Thanks for the tips, Still thinking! I think I will try it again the way you said. I have the perfect fabric to do them for my bedroom, and I already have a couple rolls of iron on tape, and the rods and rings will be easy to get. They will look awesome if they turn out! Yay, another project-lol

    Mrs. Jones, Glad you are finding the machines you want! I'll let you know about any neat or unusual ones I see.

    Those flags are awesome, FHN!!! Wow, there's a lot of them. I bet it took a while to cut and sew all of those. Even with several people it would be a lot of work! They are all so nice that I can't decide which ones are my favorites, although the Orange and Gold ones and the Fleur de Lis really catch my eye(s)! Thanks for the pictures, you must be very proud! P.S. You are a very good photographer.

    Hello Clarity! Isn't it crazy that people would pay so much for a pair of jeans? A person could buy a very nice used car for that much money! You can't drive a pair of jeans, the butt on them would get worn out-lol Yes, you can still get the bullet bobbins, I just saw them on Ebay the other day. You gotta be careful with the bobbin holder though while loading or unloading it in the machine. I had my foot on the treadle one time while I was loading mine, and just about had a big hole punched through one of my fingers when my foot slipped on the pedal! Maybe that's why they changed them to round so that they wouldn't be so bullet like and pointy sharp.

    Thanks for the comments and pictures everyone!!!

  • FlyingHighNow

    This is Tempest's Fury from 2012. A couple of high lights to look for: The wind blowing the band back into the center of the field and the tornadoes running circles around the band who then becomes a tornado. I love the company front at the end of the show, then band is sent spinning again.

    Again, full screen is the best way to see this amazing show and its flags.

  • ohiocowboy

    Just saw you posted a youtube of the event. I'm off to watch it now, and will do the full screen like you said. Thanks!

  • FlyingHighNow

    We think that Jamie's flags, colorguard costumes and his contributions to the creative design of the show is what has helped put our amazing marching band back into first place at the state level in our flight. Jamie is amazing.

    Here he is giving a speech at the 2011 Marching Band banquet for Tempest's Fury. He is an interior decorator. He used to be the guard director for Marion Catholic of Chicago. He retied from the guard world and our head band instructor went and begged him to come back out of it and direct Jenison's guard.

  • Glander

    The man walked into the department store and asked for the notions department. He was sent to the third floor, but got off the elevator on the fourth floor, womens foundations. He wandered around, confused, before asking a young woman at the brassiere counter, "excuse me ma'am, do you have notions?"

    "Sure", she giggled, "but I try to keep them under control until after work".

    ta da. I'll be here all week, folks.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Hey there OC,

    I'm not a sewing guy for two reasons:

    1. Minimus might shun me.

    2. Been too busy making a living, being a JW and raising kids.

    I actually sent off for a kit for a backpacking quilt from Ray Jardine but never got around to actually making it. Maybe when the kids have flown the coop I'll do it.

    In the meantime, here's an essay written by Ray Jardine that I think you might enjoy. He's kind of the Grand Daddy of ultra light backpacking. Sorry I can't post the content directly. He's got his website set up to prevent cut & paste.

    I'd be curious about your take on it.

    Best regards,


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