sex before marriage

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    <<<< "A recent statistics showed that 93.5% of couples who didnt confess premarital sex to the elders are likely to eventually leave the org">>>>

    To parapharase, there is substantial hope for JW couples who didn't confess premarital sex to the elders that they will one day have a lucid interval and reject the cult that enslaves their minds and ruins their lives!

  • ÁrbolesdeArabia

    Yes Please!

  • zeb

    keep in good standing---conscience----- in this case others imposition of guilt---- how about to young too immature to get married in the first place?

    but as someone said no others business.

  • l p
    l p

    Many do not. I know a few personally that did not. There is an ms/elder that I know whose ex-wife told me they had sex before marriage. They never confessed to anyone.

    Most noble - Do you taste the chicken you buy at the shop before bringing it home?.

    Is that what you think of women? There is a lot more variance between humans/love/sex than a piece of breast.

  • 144001

    Most Noble,

    You know you want it! Here she is, come and get it!

  • PaintedToeNail
  • flipper

    MOST NOBLE- Although you are still a JW due to family I can tell this elder decision making thing is making you feel guilty. Your statement, " I still feel guilty though on a daily basis, that I'm still being used by the crooks in Brooklyn to facilitate this malicious activity ( DFing people ). " The decision to remain an elder is YOUR decision - you could step down any time you desire. Your statement, " But what can I do, I have to be in for the family ? " Your family will accept you still as a JW if you step down as an elder and then you won't be plagued with a guilty conscience by sentencing young JW's to what you call " spiritual death " - essentially you are sentencing them to being shunned, cut off, and rejected to be octrasized by their families which could send them spiraling into depression and REAL death. Don't WORRY about the alleged " spiritual death " ! That doesn't even matter ! We've had many people here even on the board commit suicide due to being shunned by their stupid JW relatives who follow stupid, inhumane WT Brooklyn policies of shunning.

    Look- Unless you are enamored with receiving FAKE praise from fellow JW's and it strokes your ego somehow that you sit in judgment of these young people as an elder determining their fate inside your organization- why not just cease and desist being an elder so you won't feel guilty anymore ? AS I said- Your JW family will still accept you even if you are not an elder, you won't lose them and you'll feel better about yourself so you aren't screwing up young people's lives and relationships with JW family by not participating in judging them or DFing them with other elders. If it REALLY bothers you, you will stop. You are NOT being used by Bethel or Brooklyn- you are ALLOWING yourself to be used by the WT Society- there's a big difference. Think about what I'm saying. Free yourself man of guilt. I'll talk to my inside connections at WT headquarters and absolve you of your sins. Don't worry about it, O.K. ? Free your mind ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • flipper

    BTTT, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • jwfacts

    Most Noble, I struggle to understand your motivation, or even what is behind some of your comments and questions.

    If you really do not believe, then at least step down from being an elder. Grow some balls and stop being a fraud. I understand people going to meetings for family, but not being an elder, destroying lives with d/f and leading in the presentation of Watchtower propoganda from the platform.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Most Noble, I am still in because of family. I have been an elder and had a chequered career as a witness. I have been in an out Dfd three bloody times. Even now they would like me to "reach out", I could not be an elder again. I would never ever do that. I would never serve again as an elder or MS. I would never sit in judgement over someone else again dispensing Brooklyn trumped up justice. I willl never do a return Vis. I will never do anything to actively encourage anyone to be a witness.

    You don't have to be an elder. You don't have to tell lies every time you open your mouth on the platform. It is your choice. I accept that there are many like me who still maintain some semblence of still being in, there are many who despise that. My conscience would never allow me to be an appointed man now, I struggle to even give a five minute talk or even an answer without compromising.

    Yes grow a pair, be your own man.

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