more abuse in today's watchtower study

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    See.... just typing that s$it makes the whole page go crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    They are admiting that mental illness is a huge problem in the org.

    Not meaning to contend, dear Solomon (peace to you... and peace to you, all!), but while I agree that there is a LOT of depression in the WTBTS, I am not sure it is "mental illness", as that term defines some of the biological diseases that many today (and in our past) suffer with (i.e., bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, etc.). I agree there is a LOT of depression... and dysfunction... but I would counter that these are not due to biological disorders (although some most assuredly are), but to the very dysfunction that the WTBTS itself creates and foments! For those of us who've escaped her clutches, how can we not see and understand what being a member of that cult can most certainly result it? They teach hate, which goes against many of their member's natural desire (many WANT to love, although most may not or may not know HOW)... as well as have judging, condemnation, and destruction of one's enemies at the forefront of their teachings. How can this NOT wrought great conflict in a person who was most probably drawn to them... and/or stayed in them... because of all of their "love" talk?

    Much of the "love" (not all, but much) is shallow, given only to those who agree and/or don't cause problems (i.e., question doctrines or teachings... or cause others to [start to] "think"). People are taught to hate their own flesh (any family member that does not adhere to their teachings), including their own spouses, children, parents, and siblings. They are told to not be a part of the world, yet much of what they are encouraged to do is WORLDLY; for example, leaving one's children's inheritance to THEM, one taking care of THEM before taking care of one's own parents... taking care of "Bethel" before taking care of one's own household!

    And then... there is the fear. HUGE amounts of fear: from repurcussion for errors of the flesh to persecution for having questions to outright shunning and even loss of family, friends, and livelihood for disagreeing... and, of course, the plethora of fears associated with silly superstitions (i.e., walking toys, and furniture that might be "possessed," "demons," and the "holiness" of paper tracts, magazines, and books such that these cannot be tossed in the trash once they are no longer useful/able to be "placed"). And the fear is inculcated in members from "the time of infancy"... and continues all the way through life, even for ones as old as 90, if not older. All gift wrapped and tied with a bow... as "proper fear of God."

    How can a people NOT be depressed? NOT be EMOTIONAL ill? Under THESE circumstances??!!

    I knew SO many JW women who "survived" by taken all manner of anti-depressants and "pain killlers"... and men who "self-medicated"... either by means of alcohol or drugs. They HAD to... to control their "pain", which many claimed to be physical. But was it? Research now shows us that physical pain can be directly linked... to mental and EMOTIONAL pain.

    And these people ARE in pain. Serious pain. You can see when you've been away for awhile and then run across one or visit a Kingdom Hall. They look tired, haggard, unhappy (seriously unhappy!). Plain worn out. And why not? Wouldn't waiting for something that you've been told is "right around the corner" take it's toll on YOU... if the "corner" kept being moved?! "It's here! No, there!" And so, like Israel in the wilderness... these keep following "Moses" (the Law Covenant)... 'round... and 'round... and 'round. Their shoes may not wear out, their clothes may not wear out... but THEY are wearing out. And yet, because of the very false teachings of the WTBTS... that says most of them should NOT eat the flesh of Christ or drink his blood... these will NEVER enter into the very Covenant that will lead them OUT... and into the Promised Land. Because that teaching, that ONE teaching... serves... all by itself... to "shut UP the kingdom of the heavens" before these.

    And so, again, while I am sure there is some mental illness within the WTBTS, the greater epidemic is NOT the biological disorders that medicine calls "mental illness"... but the EMOTIONAL disorders that come from being an oppressed, abused, and enslaved people.

    That harlot has her hands full, now. And what will her "hired men" do? As ones enslaved themselves (NOT due to ignorance, but due to greed... for status, power, and personal care!)... they will start to "beat" their FELLOWS slaves. Like Rehoboam, rather than LIGHTEN the load of those they have been burdening for decades, they will increase that load. They will release members they no longer need to help build their empire (due to the use of technology), sending them "home" to, what, fend for themselves, if not die. In turn, they will increase their laws, their sanctions, and their threats to try and "control" what of Israel remains in them. And some point, there will be a great dividing.

    But not without great casualities... as it was each time that Israel was in this same predicament before.

    May any who have ears to HEAR, then, HEAR... what the Spirit says:

    "GET OUT OF HER... MY people! ... if you do not wish to share in her sins... and RECEIVE PART OF HER PLAGUES!"

    That illness... the overwhelming DEPRESSION that many experience while among her... is "part of her plagues!" But get out and go where? There is no where, dear ones. There is only a Whom. Thus, as Christ stated:

    "Come to ME... ALL you who are toiling... and loaded down! Take MY yoke! For MY yoke is kindly and MY load... is LIGHT!"

    Thus, may all of such ones with ears to hear... HEAR... when the Spirit and the Bride says to THEM:

    "COME! Take 'life's water'... the holy spirit of God, the MOST Holy One of Israel, JAH of Armies, which water/spirit is poured out from the innermost parts of His Son and Christ, the HOLY One of Israel... FREE!"

    Run, dear ones. If you hear... and get the sense of these truths... RUN.

    Again, peace to you all... and for those who can receive it, peace... not in the way the world gives it, but in the way Christ gives it!

    A slave of Christ,

    SA, who isn't trying to negate bona fide medical conditions that do exist among some in the WTBTS, but only point out what the reality is, what the true basis for much of the "illness" of the mind that is seen in there is NOT biological. And many here, who used to BE "sick" in this way, can attest to the "healing" they now enjoy... regardless of the source... simply by having shed her... and her "poisoned wormwood." Peace to you, truly.

  • elderelite

    perhaps you could copy and paste the paragraphs in question. Simply stating something dosent carry the same weight as quoting directly what the wt says.

  • hamsterbait

    Same "counsel" is given to victims of child abuse.

    Pray more, go out in dooor to bore misery, attend all the meetings at the kingdumb hell.

    Then the society will decide if the guy who raped you is a "known " pedo and decide if the info should be passed on to his next congo. (smoking, drugs, alcohol, apostasy are passed on automatically)


  • NewChapter

    Is there a link to this article?

  • AnnOMaly

    It's the same canned approach. To help with depression:

    1. Study the Bible and its comforting passages. Have regular family worship;

    2. Read 'Bible-based publications' with experiences of those who suffer similarly to you;

    3. Pray;

    4. Associate at meetings. Meeting attendance, according to one sister's view, is "not optional" and she said she couldn't expect Jehovah's help without being there;

    5. Keep active in field service. It's a real pep-me-up, apparently. It helps take your mind off your problems.

    Link: par. 16f.

  • cofty

    while I agree that there is a LOT of depression in the WTBTS, I am not sure it is "mental illness"

    Depression is a mental illness.

  • AGuest

    "... as that term defines some of the biological diseasesthat many today (and in our past) suffer with (i.e., bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, etc.).

    A slave of Christ,

    SA, keepin' it real...

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    Are there any relevant quotes from this article anyone can share? I did not read the article, but I would like to see what they actually said. If its online, which magazine is it taken from?

  • steve2

    The WBT$ produces Crazy People..

    While I have no doubt that the teachings and policies of the Watchtower Society can have a significantly negative impact on vulnerable people, it is simplistic to depict the Watchtower as "produc[ing] Crazy People". If that were so, we wouldn't see such a huge exodus from the organization and people leaving with their sanity in tact.

    The amazing thing is that so many remain in the organization in a seemingly un-crazy state.

    The kind of simplistic reasoning that underlies lay interpretations of human behavor was inadvertently encouraged by the worst offender of all in recent times, Jerry Bergman (alias Dr Havor Montague).

    Claiming to be a psychologist by training, he ought to have known better about causal relationships. For example, it is highly likely that people who are or were already vulnerable to mental health disorders would find the Watchtower's message appealing (i.e., promising as it does that soon God will bring about paradise conditions on earth, etc). People already leading fulfilled lives would find that kind of nonsense unappealing. Of course, the flip side is also apparent: If you find the Watchtower's fairy-tale promises appealing, you have to first meet the strict requirements of the Watchtower Society to enjoy the paradise. There's always a catch, honey )

    Yes, the Watchtower Society milks people's fears for all they are worth, but as for the Watchtower having the power to "produce" craziness? Nah. It ain't equal to the amazing resilience of many humans who, despite years of exposure to the Watchtower's teachings, remain balanced and un-mentally disturbed individuals, in or out of the organization.

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