SAD news about OOMPA......

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  • mamochan13

    I've been crying. And I only knew him here on this forum.

    No one could doubt that his death lies at the feet of the JW religion if they had read any of Eric's posts or interacted with him. That hateful cult killed him, just as surely as if they took a gun and did it.

    Yet none of us should feel any guilt - we all tried to support him and help him. He had a world of support and so many people that cared. He just could not fight back from what they did to him. And knowing how they DF'd (DA'd?) him when he was low can you go?

  • watson

    How will the folks in his old congregation feel? What will they say? What will they think....?"

    Oh, forget that! Who really gives a s**t about what they think?

    Am I angry? Yep.

    First I was shocked, then hurt, now I'm bloody angry.

  • foundlife

    This just has to stop. One suicide is far too many. How can this story be used to expose the Watchtower as a fear mongering, hate filled, high control cult?

  • mamochan13

    This just has to stop


  • Steve_C

    This is sad beyond words. Dear, dear Oompa, RIP

  • freeinmichigan

    Is there any way we could get a link to his obituary? Seems like it would show huge support for Eric by leaving our condolences on it. It would show his family and all those that shunned him that he was well cared for and appreciated. Just a thought anyway.

  • Vidiot


    Sorry I never got a chance to talk to you here, man.

    Maybe someday, somewhere else, though.

    Rest, now. You've earned it.

  • Indian Larry
    Indian Larry

    This has affected me deeply. I did not know Eric, however I did follow his posts for two reasons. One of my first posts he replied back to me in an encouraging manner (I can't remember exactly what it was) but I did note his name in a good way, I also noted his avatar. Since I am a Gene Wilder fan that stuck in my memory. The other reason was that he lived in North Carolina. I too live in NC. I had determined from some of his posts that he lived in the Greensboro/Kernersville/Winston area and I have a lot of witness "friends" in that area. I wondered if I knew him, turns out I did not.

    Either way it is very sad what he was driven to. I too have contemplated that in the past, fighting the lies of the organization and the mental hold it has on ones family is like fighting city hall . . . you just can't win. I still love Jehovah, and Jesus but I hate those that use their name to ruin peoples lives. Whoever wrote that the GB is responcible for this is right. They are.

    The other ones that are responsible are those who helped the GB. Seven men in NY can not enforce shunning or anything else without help from their followers. Much as the average German enabled Hitler so too the average JW enables the GB. I do beleive they are on the way down, I just hope I live long enough to either see them exposed to thier followers for what they are or at least for my wife to see TTATT.

    Anyway, if any of Eric's family are reading this. Yes, some on this site no longer believe in God at all. So what. Can you blame them, after the mental abuse piled on by those who say they represent God. I don't. Others (like myself) have managed to separate the BORG from God and struggle to maintain faith. But when someone who has as good of a heart as Eric is driven to do what he did, I must admit it is hard.

    I told my wife about Eric this morning. Her answer was "We don't know Jehovah's heart, maybe he will be resureccted" I practically blew my top. Maybe he will be ressurected???!!! How about it did not need to happen in the first place!!! How about maybe Jehovah should strike the elders who DF'd him in absentia with lightning? Good grief.

  • littlerockguy
  • jamiebowers

    For they could not love you,
    But still your love was true.
    And when no hope was left in sight
    On that starry, starry night,
    You took your life, as lovers often do.
    But I could have told you, Eric,
    This world was never meant for one
    As beautiful as you.

    Now I think I know what you tried to say to me,
    How you suffered for your sanity,
    How you tried to set them free.
    They would not listen, they're not listening still.
    Perhaps they never will...

    RIP Oompa.

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