GRRRRRRRR! update for ya'll on my daughter.

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  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    So much has happened the last few days in my world. I am handling it all very well don't worry!

    My daughter left her mothers home, so very hard to do and she has been so very brave and strong. Instead of sinking deeper and deeper into darkness she finally said enough and made the move. It hurt her a lot knowing that her little brother and sister would miss her very much. But it had to be done. Her step father is a right dick.

    Well, after a week living with me she decided after school to go back to her mums to say hello...she was real nervous about how she would be recieved. We hoped her mum would be nice, and she was, we expected her stepfather to be a right prick, and he was.

    She was not even allowed to be in her own bedroom alone in case she took her stuff. Her clothes, her CDs, her shoes, her underwear and socks, even her school uniform were not to be taken. Nothing, not even stuff bought with her own money was to be taken, because, and get this..."You OWE US for raising you so this is not yours"! She loaned this F*#%er $800 and she can be sure he won't give that to her, she has $200 in a bank account and she won't see that we bet either... this from the same jerk who hassles my son "you owe me two days labor because i helped you when your car broke down". They are seriously of the idea that kids are servants, property. He would have made a fine cotton plantation owner i am sure.

    I cannot fathom how a mother could let her daughter be denied her underwear for gods sake! I know the game being played, try to make it hard for me. Having convinced my daughter she is an ''expensive child'' (she is sooo not) he figures its my turn to suffer finacially.

    In my mind this goes to demonstrate just how bad the whole patriachal biblical shit really is when you boil it down: A mother allows her children to be abused and mistreated by the husband because she has to be obediant to him. I cant think for the life of me otherwise. I mean, a woman i once believed had so much love to give children has turned into a spiteful shrew. I blame the religion.

    And jerkoff, must be feeling like a real big man about now. Yup, he sure showed me, not. What he did show was just how selfish, childish and money oriented her stepfather and her mother have become. I can tell you, they have put more people of their religion than they could dream of converting in 100 years of pioneering.

    He is of the attitude (and he told daughter this tonight) that I have been nothing but a jerk to them so they are going to do likewise. Well, stand by for some more jerkdom when the child support agency says they have to start paying me. I don't want a cent of their money, but i would love to see his face when he gets the letter from them! Its not tit for tat, i'm not into that, its the law and they are going to get assessed for it.

    So tomorrow we go shopping to replace all the stuff lost by daughter to a selfish man with the maturity of a grade 3 kid and a shallow weak woman. I feel sorry for the two remaining kids in that household. Having done a fine job of alienating two kids what hope do these have i wonder. My kids have learned some hard home truths about their mother and the last 14 years lately and it has really hurt the kids to hear my side of events. I have refrained from saying anything negative about the mother all those years, but when kids get older, they come asking questions that need truthful answers...

    I know other people have similar drama's, i know its not unique to Jehovah's Witnesses, but man, you dont expect that shit from fine upstanding beacons of uprightness christians that go banging on doors to tell you how good they are do you?


  • Vanderhoven7

    Glad for her...she has you Aussie Oz.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Strength to your daughter.

  • dreamgolfer

    Thats not surprising, but welcomed on your part, they are doing their Bloody Best to alienate her from themselves - cool beans

    Take her shopping, get all she needs, have an Ice cream Sunday to celebrate ! And be her hero and let he read Steve Hassans books, that will cement what you have done to facilitate her "Eascape" she will NEVER go back my brother! you are a lucky bunny!

    Enjoy her freedom


  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    not surprising at all, and expected results.

    The funny thing is, they have actually done far more to get the kids out of the religion than i have!

    It's frickin hilarious!


  • panhandlegirl

    Aussie Oz, I'm so sorry for you and your daughter. That crazy cult can sure mess with your head and make you do things you would not normally do. You sound like a good father, i'ts a good thing she has you to help her through

    this difficult time. I,too, cannot understand them not letting her take her personal item with her, esp her underwear! That's just crazy. Hope everything goes well for you both.

  • jgnat

    I hope it goes well with your daughter moving on and rebuilding a little nest for herself with you.

    Getting inside the head of that stepdad (scary, I know!), I'd say he has a twisted view where everyone is out for their own self-interest. It's what drives him, so why would he expect generosity from anyone else? He wouldn't recognize kindness if it slapped him in the face, anyways.

    A good social worker would get access to your girl's room to get her personal stuff back. And throw in an investigation of the parenting of the younger ones for good measure. But I understand if you choose not to escalate things any further.

  • DesirousOfChange

    The funny thing is, they have actually done far more to get the kids out of the religion than i have!

    It's frickin hilarious!

    They do not realize that your daughter is now old enough to awaken to how badly they are treating her, and that it is because of the religion or at least her questioning/rejecting it. Their mistreatment prevents you from having to say anything bad about them. They're doing it all on their own.

    Good luck.


  • outsmartthesystem

    Good luck to you and to her. You're a great dad.

    This guy really is a prick. Good thing he has earned his everlasting life by being at every meeeting and going in service though. Cause that trumps being a good person

  • moshe

    She needs to return to the house with a police officer- I'll bet they won't stop her from getting her personal stuff when law enforcement arrives- just explain to police that you are in fear of your personal safety and you want a police officer present. Some of the crazy stuff JWs do needs to be on video--

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